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The Intrinsic Core of the Being

Reality : Christus Redemptor et Re-Creator


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Jesus Christus Recreator

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Original Sin 2


Episteme in motion

Obama's Ueberpresidency

A FAUX god - the great identity theft

The Feral Hogs of Chicago

The Death of Homo Sapiens

The Finlandization of Europe (and the World?)

What do Masonic Turn-Coat Priests and Pastors Feed the Faithful?

Christian Faith under Deadly Attack

Freemasonry - Who is their god?

Christian Exceptionalism - Humanity Re-begotten, not remade

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An End Run for the Blood Suckers

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Is the concept that gave its name to an overarching moral and ethical Ideology, to which this site is dedicated. It is rooted in the redemption of Christ and Christian values that supersede religious, theological and denominational divisions. It embraces the American Constitution and stands for a Declaration of Independence from GLOBALISM's enslavement of the American psyche by its propaganda and the US economy's productive capacity by its powerful agenda, which has transformed America into a consumer satellite of China.

This declaration further encompasses absolute Independence from the stranglehold of Washington's multitude of lobbies, including the Banking Lobby, and of the smothering grip of the Multinational Corporations on the productive capacity of America, which unfairly throttles and bleeds the US labor market. This Ideology is pledged to combat the prevalent narcicistic 'Me first' interpretation of Liberty, in full knowledge that this egocentricity impedes the proper functioning of Democratic Republicanism and can lead to the demise of our system of governance. In full knowledge of the above and of the imminent threat to Democratic Republicanism posed by today's morphed Communism, which has embraced Antonio Gramsci's theories as put forward in his « Prison Notebooks », and is surreptiously undermining our nation by its actions.

To rethink, motivate and foster moral and ethical action on the personal, social and national level in this context, is the aim of this site and its dedication.

Latest Writings

Imago Dei

Restoring the image of God in man is to regenerate the original, eternal dimension of a divine, although embryonic, destiny within him. But how can God’s Visage appear again in the psyche of a descendant of Adam, who’s forefather chose to expunge and replace the Likeness of YHWH from within his intrinsic core and replace It with human reason, knowledge, and the essence of his own self? How can anyone who is boxed into his own self, but is driven by a powerful surge of spiritual hunger to search successfully for an eternal destiny divine, unrealized because of Adam’s fatal disobedience? What must this individual do as he discovers, mirrored within the self, the duality of his divided being? Does he have the courage to persevere in his search although confronted with the fact that in the place reserved for the living and eternal embryonic Imago Dei within, he is confronted during his meditative searches for his Eternal Creator, by a reflection of his own, deified, but indeed very mortal self? Read More...

The Intrinsic Core of the Being

The soul is the well-spring of life in the intrinsic core of every human being. In addition, it is the immanent repository of its most singular genetic attributes, gifts, foibles and character traits. Furthermore, it is at the center of its intuitive intelligence which fosters the beings growth both mental and physical towards a highly personal and unique destiny. Read More...

Reality : Christus Redemptor et Re-Creator

Because the perception of reality is dynamic, belief evolves, takes root and matures in the core of understanding. It is the understanding of reality that generates belief. And belief is the engine of motivation. In turn, motivation begets thoughtful, decisive action. A human life equals the strength of its belief structure and the sum of all its thinking and actions. The sum total of all human lives on earth at any given point in the dimension of time is the dynamic of history of an epoch. Read More...

Jesus Christus Recreator

The Jesuits penetrated the heart of the Idea Divine with the intent of destroying its creative potency. By stealth and from within, they dislodged, then replaced the Holy, Creative Spirit of YHWH with the human intellect. Their aim is to remove the Creator God, All-Mighty Trinitarian YHWH, from the throne He entrusted to His Heir, His only begotten Son, Jesus-Christ. As part of the Holy Trinity, He freely willed to submit to the most cruel, but Redemptive sacrifice of His own Life-Blood, shed on the Cross of Golgotha. Only He could open the genetic path for the chosen humans to reach the living and eternal dimension of our Creator, the God YHWH, as descendent of the New Adam by their redemption and rebirth. For the genome Divine is contained in the Holy Blood and is accessible for the chosen as Christ by His Sacrifice Divine, paid in full with His life in our dimension of time, for the forgiveness of all sins and the rebirth of man. Read More...


Some time ago, when I attended Holy Mass in one of the many Catholic churches of Innsbruck, as I partook of the Holy Sacraments, the organ played extracts from Siegfried’s Funeral March composed by Richard Wagner. I realized then that the Eucharist had been emptied successfully of its Spiritual generating potency by Masonry. When I listened to a sermon in another Catholic Church some weeks later, delivered by a Catholic military priest, exhorting the faithful to accept homosexual behavior and gay marriage, I knew that my Church, the historic guardian of all biblical values and the Rock of Peter, had become a deadly and willing instrument of corruption wielded by Masonry’s Novus Ordo Seculorum. Read More...

Original Sin 2

The Roman Catholic Church is running on empty.
A clean cut into the germline of the Spiritual Genetic Sequence of the Trinitarian Deity in our dimension of time was executed by the Novus Ordo Missae when it was adopted during the reign of Pope Paul VI. Novus Ordo Missae replaced the centuries old structure (order) of the Tridentine Latin Mass. It separated symbolically and in fact, the Altar of Jesus Christ, the New Adam, from the Tabernacle of the All-Powerful Trinitarian God YHWH, His Father. This was done in all its churches world wide. Read More...

Episteme in Motion

Globalism is spinning a web around the world that encompasses all of mankind. It's strands grip peoples and nations ever more tightly. The time nears when the spider of Free Masonry will be able to extract thought-patterns universally, by accessing the entire accumulation of human knowledge, including the very substance of the reflection of every living individual, with his complete genetic structure, in its quest for absolute and ultimate power. Read More...

Das Hochgebet der Transubstantiation

Der Heilige Geist weht wo Er will. Er ist allmächtig und allgegenwärtig. Alles überflügelnd, erkennt Er jede teuflische Intention. Er ist der Urheber der Transsubstantiation und somit die Quelle der essenziellen INNEREN Reinigung und Speisung die für das Christsein unerlässlich ist (Mk.7, 21-23). Dieser Gnadenvorgang wird jenen zuteil die Er aussucht und ereignet sich, so Er es will, allen Umständen zum Trotz. Read More...

Obama's Ueberpresidency

Last month, Professor Jonathan Turley of George Washington University, a nationally recognized legal scholar, repeatedly spoke out about an “Imperial Presidency” emerging in the USA. He coined the expression “Obama’s Ueberpresidency” , in a factual assessments of the present situation. He gave free vent to his concerns about the repeated instances of executive overreach that threaten the constitutionally mandated balance of power. He did so repeatedly in many media interviews and on television. “What is emerging is an imperial presidency, an ueber-presidency as I have called it, where the president can act unilaterally”. Read More...

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