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by Paul Trog

China has developed a powerful, ideologically driven system of governance that is progressively absorbing the economies of the free world. It created a hybrid ideological concept that embraces Gramsci Marxism, while allowing private capital formation under careful central government oversight. Essentially, it is fostering a culture of hard work and entrepreneurship.

With the exception of its successful economic dynamo, every other aspect of Chinese life is directed from China's central power-base, the Communist Party. This includes the government administration as a whole, but first and foremost, foreign affairs, defence and long range planning, which is in China a forward thinking process that spans the decades to come.

China is patient. It is firm and ruthless. In competing with the 'laissez faire' brand of democratic capitalism, driven by profit oriented entrepreneurship and opportunism only, it is merciless.

For profit, our Western economic philosophy was forsaken. And the adherence to the nation state concept was abandoned. It follows that every last shred of patriotism surrendered also.

For profit, most Western banks and multinational corporations have become fervent and rudderless globalists. Therefore, they are easy prey for the forward thinking, long term planning Chinese Marxists.

The Chinese juggernaut is waxing as we speak, at the expense of the waning Western economies. Its progress is unrelentingly steady and is directed toward the global marxist aim of world domination.

The constitutional system of governance of the USA is rooted in the concept of democratic humanism, enveloped in Christianity's trust in God and Christian morals and ethics. Our laws and our parliamentary system are its fruits. Christianity is therefore the source of all the cherished freedoms Americans enjoy today and of the 'trust factor', which guides essentially our economy. That factor is the belief in an ethical business code not to be breached.

 This moral and democratic philosophy has given birth to a boundless creativity and to the courage and daring of venture capitalism. All hallmark qualities that have served America well.

Marxism has long understood that Christianity's morals and ethics are the glue that holds the American Republic together. It is logical therefore, that they became the object of their most intense and sophisticated attacks. Stealth apostasy, combined with a murky religious and moral relativism has been fostered by their agents and their minions of willing dupes within the Christian churches; and from without, their offensive of attrition consists of a constant media pounding aimed at undermining and destroying moral and ethical values, while fostering new standards of 'accepted' behavior antithetical to Holy Writ.

Homosexual marriage and abortion are prime examples of the above. One must lament in this context as well, the judicial rulings declaring as unconstitutional the mention of everything pertaining to the Christian faith in schools and in public buildings. Indeed, a sterling success for the Marxist left.

Another major element of this communist offensive is the blood sport of exposing the many transgressions and hypocrisies of Christians in general and of their clergy in particular, thus debunking the Christian faith. This strategy was outlined in the Cloward/Piven papers, written by two tenured professors of Columbia University; it is pursued relentlessly by the left.

As the American Nation State is demolished by the systematic pulverizing of its ethical tenets and philosophical belief-structure, it is fast becoming China's foremost CONSUMER SATELLITE.

To find solutions to a seemingly unsolvable problem, one must first face its magnitude honestly. The next step is to forcefully challenge the will of the nation and its genius. Then, after harnessing this extraordinary power with the help of God, to confront the giant task ahead thoughtfully and decisively, under God's guidance. This was successfully achieved during World War II!

Finland is an excellent example of a Nation State who's indomitable people Successfully extricated their country from the grip of Soviet Russia after being defeated in l945.


Every one of the crushing demands made by the victors in the peace agreement, a Diktat full of impossible conditions, were fulfilled on schedule by the Finns, who's industrial base had been thoroughly demolished during the war.

Similarly, America can rebuild its production facilities, which were so shamefully abandoned for greater profit abroad by unpatriotic companies, banks and multinational corporations. In so doing, we will regain our economic strength, and, by repaying the national debt, stability and independence will be achieved once again.

With the thrust of the Tea Party movement, we can return to the roots of America's inner strength:

The ideology that motivated the Founding Fathers of our nation.

Marxist China is a giant with feet of clay.

The reborn Christians, who live in the being within, that was breathed by God into the clay, will bring the Marxist giant crashing down. They are the clay in which God lives.

But they must not forget to let Christ wash their feet every day, lest the human nature they parted with, but must live in for a while longer, overtake them again.

Paul Trog



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