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The Essence of the Christian Faith under Deadly Attack by Masonry
A Grand Compromise offered by Albert Lantoine

By Paul Trog

We live in a world mainly structured by the Masonic idea. Although buffeted in the ebb and flow of time and circumstance, the Masonic thought-structure has proved to be astonishingly resilient. It consists of and is shaped by a form of philosophical materialism, mingled with a firm, dedicated and secret esoteric belief in luciferan satanism, which is spreading into every layer of our Judeo-Christian culture. Thus, they successfully transform both the morals and the ethos of traditional Western civilization. Their power has already become a tangible reality in many of our laws and is in effect guiding important parts of our democratic system of governance.

In his message to the 23 Masonic Supreme Councils of the World of July 14 1889, Albert Pike, the highly revered 33rd degree Mason and Scottish Rite Mason Grand-Commander - the leading Masonic thinker of the last two centuries, wrote:

“That which we must say to the crowd is: We worship a god, but it is the god one adores without superstition. To you, Sovereign Grand Instructors General, we say this, that you may repeat it to the Brethren of the 32nd, 31st and 30th degrees: THE MASONIC RELIGION should be, by all of us initiates of the high degrees, MAINTAINED IN THE PURITY OF THE LUCIFERAN DOCTRINE.”

On October 23rd, 1901, a statue was dedicated to General Albert Pike in Washington DC, an 11 foot life-size memorial standing above the goddess of Masonry. It can be found at Judiciary Square, between 3rd and 4th Street, on D street NW.

Out of Free Masonry’s utopian concepts, successive “ideal” human societies emerged, all based on philosophies and science rooted in Adam’s genetic substance of the mind, corrupted as it is by original sin. They all failed, but are paving the way for the last big Masonic push to build a mighty structure, the pyramid as yet unfinished, topped by the all-seeing eye of their god. Its design is printed on every American one Dollar bill.

To achieve their goal, Christianity has to be destroyed.

Albert Lantoine, a distinguished French Masonic writer and thinker, of high degree, the 33rd believed that the onward march of history since the Renaissance mandates the fall and dissolution of the Catholic Church. Since this, according to him, is an irreversible process, a secular religion must take its place – and that is Free Masonry.

To hasten the downfall of the Catholic Church by successful infiltration, Lantoine cleverly suggested a grand compromise which he outlined in a book published in l937 called “Lettre au Souverain Pontife”. Addressing the Pope directly, Lantoine writes the following on pages 168-169:

« There is a higher sphere where knowledge and Faith, though they cannot meet, can at least tolerate one another. To those seeking the one, to those who possess the other, they give the same delights and the same anguish. There is as much purity and grandeur in the words of the philosophers as in the Word of the Redeemer. SO MUCH THE BETTER, I SAY. POSSESSING CRITICAL AND INQUISITIVE MINDS, WE ARE THE SERVANTS OF SATAN. YOU,THE GUARDIANS OF TRUTH, ARE THE SERVANTS OF GOD. THESE TWO COMPLEMENT ONE ANOTHER. EACH NEEDS THE OTHER.”

It is obvious to the careful observer that this horrible blasphemy has made its way into the highest circles of my religion, the Catholic faith. It is also similarly penetrating the other major Christian confessions.

Vatican II has eliminated the automatic excommunication paragraph 2335, directed against Masonry from the Codex of Cannon Law since 1983. However, then Cardinal Ratzinger and now Pope Benedict, by Official Ecclesiastical Proclamation based on Moral Law, reinstated the ban on partaking of Holy Communion by Masons, declaring that to do so is to commit a capital sin. This Proclamation was absolutely essential for the survival of the Church, but weakened the mandatory canonic position of the Catholic Church in this crucial matter. Since then unfortunately, examples of surreptitious penetration of Masonic symbols and ideas into both the practice and the theology of the Catholic faith abound .They are visible to the alert eyes of believers. A few years ago, I visited the main Catholic church in the small town of Jaguari, in the State of Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil with my wife. The main symbol above the altar, was the triangle in the center of which, the all-seeing eye was depicted. Clearly, a Masonic symbol. I asked the priest for an explanation and was told that the triangle represented the Holy Trinity and the all-seeing eye was that of our Eternal Lord God! The other day, I attended Mass in the Spitalskirche, a Catholic church under the direct jurisdiction of the cathedral, the St. Jakobs Dom of Innsbruck. I noticed first that the tabernacle was in the shape of a pyramid, and during the distribution of the sacraments, the organist played a triumphalist Wagnerian victory march! Needless to say, I will never visit that church again.

In the same city, inscribed in the ceiling fresco of a side altar (upon entering, the first altar to the right) of the historic Jesuit Church, the word LUCIFER is written in golden letters. I asked the priest what Lucifer was doing in his church. The answer was, that the term meant “illumination” to the people who built the church in the eighteenth century. It is a fact that Ignatius of Loyola was suspected of being a member of the ”Alumbrados” in Spain, in the 16th century.

During the celebrations of Christmas last year, a huge painting of the Last Supper, surrounded on every side by flames was hanging above the historic, century old altar of the Sankt Jakob’s Dom, the Innsbruck cathedral. And as is customary in so many similar depictions today, a clearly effeminate St. John was painted standing in direct vicinity of our Lord Jesus Christ. I recoiled and did not attend the celebrations there! Protests abounded, needless to say.

Yesterday, a CNN lady reporter in Jerusalem was commenting about the political situation in Israel. On her left, a pyramid topped by the All-Seeing Masonic Eye was clearly visible. Indeed this structure is a part of the new Supreme Court of Israel building, located opposite the Knesset, next to the Foreign Ministry and the Central Bank of Israel. Its construction was ordered and paid for by the Rothschild’s, the descendants of the head of that dynasty who directed Dr. Weisskopf to create a movement that became the Illuminati of which he is the founder. The Illuminati were disbanded later by law, but merged into the Scottish Rite of Masonry we are told. They are still actively shaping human history to this day.

How can the light-bearer of this world of darkness, flanked by his sycophant philosophers and turn-coat priests, dare to challenge the Eternal Light streaming forth from the Eternal Holy Spirit of God? The answer can be found in the following texts: Isa.60:9, Isa.43:5-6, Jer.16:14-15, Jer.16:16, Isa. 49:22, Eze.36:8, Eze. 36:24, Eze. 39:28, just to mention a few.

For us, believers in the redemption of Christ, it is time to pay with our very soul for our entry into Holy Christianity and to plant the Seed of Christ deeply into our individual core intelligence, which is located in the nucleus of our souls. Then rebirth into the genome of the Spirit will surely follow; and as brethren of the New Adam, entrance into the Jerusalem of the Spirit will be open to us.

Paul Trog
October 10th, 2012

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