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Has the way Christians live and ACT become ideological fodder for Marxist-Leninism?

by Paul Trog

Today it seems that Christianity's biblical value system is on the wrong side of history. Although Judeo-Christian moral and ethical standards are the bedrock, the foundation on which our Constitution rests and thus are essential to  the very existence of our free and democratic society, yet these standards are being watered down, shot at from all sides and ridiculed systematically by our officialdom, the judiciary, the liberal media and worst of all, by pseudo Christians in our midst.

These 'Christians' are blowing an uncertain bugle, urging retreat and submissive accommodation: "Modify the absolute moral standards" they say, "because modern mankind has no intention of changing its lifestyle"!

How could such a fundamental about-face in the perception of what is right and wrong - and of what is essential for the survival of our nation come about?

Here is how:

"Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules" Saul Alinsky, the radical organizer (and Hilary Clinton mentor) wrote in his l989 book 'Rules for Radicals'. When pressed to honour every word of every law  and statute, EVERY JUDEO-CHRISTIAN MORAL TENET and every implicit promise  of the liberal social contract, human agencies inevitably fall short. The system's failure to "live up" to its rule book can then be used to discredit it altogether, and to replace the capitalist "rule book" with a socialist one.

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And there you have it in a nutshell. The above is a declaration of ideological war by Marxist-Leninism against the bedrock of our beliefs. The AIG management bonus debacle, the innumerable Wall Street and banking scandals are grist to the mill of Leninist Socialism. They are the tools used to whip up justified rancour. And the damage to the trust and reliance in the free market system, entrepreneurship and capitalism is profound. For sure there are some 'good' church going Christians and synagogue attending Jews on the board and in management of these companies!

Of course the Judeo-Christian members of the Oil Lobby and of the Pharmaceutical-Healthcare Lobby are out for selfish gains and do not care if this wrecks the family budget of the middle-class and the poor. It is common knowledge that they have resisted and under-mined systematically every effort that could have resulted in energy independence and a fairer healthcare system. For them in particular it is urgent to rethink their policies if capitalism is to survive. It goes without saying that the average church-going American too, does not live up to every Judeo-Christian moral tenet all the time. But if the need arises, every misstep can and will be put to use in accordance to the "Rules for Radicals" by our rabid liberal foes.

Could it be that Judeo-Christianity is but a veneer today and does not reach down far and deep enough into the nature of our being, transforming motivation, thinking and creativity?

The defeated Christian majority in the USA, after engaging in constructive introspective thought, has to regroup quickly with a deepened commitment to the will and values of Christ. Then it must proceed unified, with utmost speed, INTO THE TRENCHES.

Indeed, it is in the trenches where David Plouffe, the brilliant strategist who put Obama into the White House, is already working night and day. With his 'Organizing for America' team and its 13 million members, he will coordinate and interlock his efforts with 'Acorn', the nations largest grass roots community organization of low and moderate  income people with over 400.000 member families who are ferociously engaged in furthering their agenda. This agenda, we have come to realize, includes securing voting rights, low cost housing and facilitating illegal immigration.

They will be joined by George Wileys minions of the National Welfare Reform Organization (NWRO) who succeeded in causing the welfare rolls across the country to baloon astronomically. More often than not, our largest cities were bankrupted when welfare rights blossomed to near life entitlements.

The ranks of the opposition will be swelled by many opportunists and other well intentioned fellow travellers of every stripe. To do battle in the trenches is not only a needed off-year election cycle exercise. It must be seen as a life and death struggle for freedom and democracy. We must be conscious of the fact that THEY PLAY FOR KEEPS - and that the Presidency is theirs. The next target of the radical left and its associates in finance, the Soros collective, is to BREAK OUR NATIONAL CURRENCY.

To achieve this, the President needs only to demand speedy consideration and Congressional passage of all his election promises, including health care reform, the reinstatement of all welfare privileges, Social Security reform and the like. Coupled with various enormous stimulus packages, the debt will become a bubble so large, that it will implode the US currency. This would be a catastrophe unlike anything we have ever seen. America would then be fully at the mercy of China.

Key economic and industrial assets would have to be sold as China laps them up, simultaneously acquiring foreclosed real estate properties for peanuts. China's internal grip in America will be substantial. Should we slip into a ruthless communist dictatorship, it is very difficult to imagine how any country could free itself and shake off its iron fist in this century's incredible advances in the fields of computer sciences and electronic satellite surveillance systems.

We have to resolutely put our Christian principles and our best strategic thinking to work in order to stop this from happening!

Perhaps God will pardon our ways and help us - as He did the citizens of Niniveh, in former times, when they believed Jonas and, taking God's warning to heart, transformed their lives.

Paul Trog



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