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Christocentric Imaging

Every word is encapsulated in thought and ideas give birth to the logos (word). Hence the word “ideology” clarifies the primacy of the idea out of which the logos, or word, emanates. Thought is always first and is followed by its expression in discourse, writings, and the image.

As God is living thought, He does communicates with mankind at a time of His choosing using the “ Still Small Voice” of inspiration. Christocentric meditative thinking and prayer practiced in silence will sharpen both hearing, receptivity and understanding of the Divine Logos. To this effect, a meditating believer should be fully dedicated to the redemption of Christ.

This web-site is dedicated to instilled Christocentric thinking and imaging. It features on its front-page Socrates who's thinking was obviously not Christocentric although it was later embodied in the Christian tradition. His reflections, he affirmes numerous times, were inspired by his guardian angel he called Daimon. Socrates was the author of a great number of novel philosophical theories, and he conceived and sketched the societal structure of Democratic Republicanism in which this writer believes.

Blaise Pascal however experienced a profound Christocentric inspiration on the 23rd of November 1654 which he describes in his “Memorial”. That moment defined the rest of the life of this exceptional scientist, mathematician, philosopher and Christian.. At the bottom of the web-page, the cross of Christ is featured. The cross is mankind's only access to the source of the Trinitarian God YHWH's transmogrative inspiration which can transform humanity.

Paul Trog
August 16th, 2014

Christus – der Archetypus des Homo Spiritualis - Neu!

Art-verschieden< - Neu!

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