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The Death Of Homo Sapiens

By Paul Trog

The self-inflicted annihilation of “homo sapiens” is an unfathomable irony. The human mind was originally only a warning and guidance system with limited fall-back abilities for extremely threatening situations. Conceived originally as a servant of the primary intuitive and intelligent cognition of the soul, it now is in the process of destroying the Divine Design of man, as willed by the Eternal God YHWH at creation. By a seemingly unstoppable evolutionary process, the cyber frontier is being crossed as we speak and a global collective computer brain is replacing “sapientia humana”, taking over the governance of all aspects of human life.

The annihilation of every essential attribute of HS (“homo sapiens”) is well underway. Progressively robbed of his individual identity, his free will and his capacity of responsible decision-making, HS is being merged into the collective “homo ex machina” by stringent and all-encompassing thought control. This is a process of strangulation that crushes the eternal soul of man while, willingly or not, pushes him over the trans-human divide into the Cyber Renaissance. Indeed, the Renaissance man born in the XVIth century is willingly subjecting to his transformation into a post human condition as his own technology, coupled with a sort of para-psychology, merges with his body and destroys all which is left of eternity in the human soul. This is at once destabilizing and then systematically destroying the very concept of humanism.

Now and with all urgency, it is time to rediscover the mind of the soul and reestablish its primacy. Atrophied as it is and with a void in its center, generated by constant disuse and the willful violations of the human mind, it must be implanted, and this is the will of God, with the Person of Christ and flooded at its epicenter by the redemptive blood of our Savior. The singular manifestation of God’s grace, extended to the humans that choose to give Him their undivided and integral heart and soul unconditionally, is the birth of “homo spiritualis”. This is the way, the only way to avoid the destruction of the eternal embryo present in every human soul. And with the Fatherhood of God thus recovered individually, the realm of Christ and his Jerusalem of the Spirit is accessed. Those who believe and persevere in this pursuit with all their being will not die.

Paul Trog Innsbruck, January 18th, 2013

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