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by Paul Trog

Within the next few years, an additional billion of the world’s population will gain access to the middle class, with heightened levels of income and purchasing power. This development is of extraordinary significance. It is already trans-forming China, India and Brazil, but also, to a lesser extent, other emerging countries. A gigantic economic updraft is occurring, the dynamic of which is redefining the wealth distribution in the world. In addition, it is causing a tectonic shift in the world’s power structure. The continuous relocation of the global industrial production capacity has been under way for some time, leaving the neglected American plant facilities in disuse and disarray, with outdated equipment and a lack of capital investment. The move is toward Asia’s more efficient, modern and productive industrial plants, located mainly in China, but also in other neighboring countries. Their construction and technical concept originated and, more often than not, was financed by Western interests. With the spectacular ascendance of China, the birth of global, dictatorial Communism is nearing. It now seems that today, every finished product marketed in the world, has some components produced in China. We call this globalism. But this kind of globalism represents the surrender of crucial aspects of productive independence to a powerful dictatorship embracing ideological tenets at war with our democratic system and liberty itself. A question arrises that must be addressed : Could it be that the faulty parts in the Toyota automobiles, some of which were produced in China, were purposely made defective, in order to inflict great harm to the world’s largest producer of automobiles ? If so, it would have another disastrous side-effect against the free world.: Latent anger against Japan has indeed resurfaced in the USA after this debacle, rescucitating years after Japan’s destruction of the American automobile industry, as well as many other product lines formerly manufactured in the USA. Japan’s superior quality standards, technical excellence and disciplined workforce won the day again and again. In strategic terms, this must be a welcome split between two nations that are direct competitors to be overtaken in order to achieve Chinese/Communist global hegemony.

Recently, the European nations were shocked to hear the resounding ‘njet’ expressed by the Chinese delegation at the Climate Summit in Copenhagen. An unexpected cold shower for the environmentalists of the world ! Similarly, a powerful assertion of self-interest by China is repeated many times over in unbending positions against UN Iran sanctions, in a stubborn currency policy defiantly maintained at the latest G20 meeting, and finally, a lack of flexibility at the WTO. In adition a number of punitive import duties were levied on imports after Obama’s visit with the Dalai Lama at the White House. The recent cyber attacks against Google and Intel were carefully timed to produce more than psychological damage. They are a statement of ideological power coupled with naked national self-interest. The above is an expression of a fundamental change of policy, reflecting the first class ideological/strategic timing and thinking, which China has mastered so successfully for decades. It is said that : NATIONS ARE OUTTHOUGHT, BEFORE THEY ARE OUTFOUGHT.

It is now increasingly apparent, that world communism and powerful elements within global capitalism have joined hands. Both aim to restructure the world by gradually taking decision-making powers away from the free and independent peoples of the world. Clearly, their purpose is to facilitate the advent of a global dictatorship.It seems that today, both ends of the ideological spectrum ( the left and a number of turn-coat capitalists of the right), are engaged in an offensive against those in the middle – us, WE THE PEOPLE.

Unwittingly or by conviction, a number of leading capitalists, many of them industrialists, financiers and bankers, seem to have been ‘turned’ and are now serving in the ranks of global communism. Not unlike the late Armand Hammer, former President and CEO of Occidental Petroleum, who repeatedly assisted Stalin’s purposes by restructuring the ailing Soviet industry. These capitalists continue to provide technological know-how and financial investments necessary for the continued expansion of Chinese industrial power. They should be aware, that the kind of GLOBALISM they implement and stand for destroys the Western democratic system.

Similarly, it is a sad fact that the same is true about some leaders of the world’s religions. These persons are knowingly engaged in a systematic effort to undermine the true intent of Holy Writ. They do their work imperceptibly, slowly transforming accepted scriptural doctrine by gradually setting new standards of morality, behavior and theological interpretation. In doing so, they undermine the substance of both the Christian faith and the foundation of our Western culture.

The enemies of liberty and democracy have long discovered the power of THOUGHT and IDEOLOGY.

In the last decades, the Marxist/Communist theories of Gramsci, have been able to manipulate the flow of contemporary history with astounding success. This began in the Nineteen-Sixties, when Stalinist Communism was condemned and abandoned by Khruschov, then morphed carefully in stages, into Antonio Gransci‘s ideological approach, away from brutal inflexibility and rigid class warfare, to the embrace of economic pragmatism, pursuing at the same time a policy of surreptious infliltration and targetted corruption of every aspect of Western society, religion and culture. Khruschov initiated this fateful process by distributing Antonio Gramsci’s « Prison Papers » to all the leaders of the Communist Parties of the world in the early Nineteen-Sixties. Up to then, these seminal theories had been stricltly suppressed when Stalin was in power. Gramsci’s theories were put into practice by two leading visionaries : Deng Xiaoping of China and Andropov of the Soviet Union. Seizing the moment, Deng made use of Nixon’s “Opening to China”, a policy that gave the Chinese access to American technological and financial resources. He was in power from1979 to 1997 and during his tenure as paramount decision maker, he acted through loyal associates that he put in positions of power, while he staid in the background. The Asian preponderance in the present world situation was mostly of his making. His market oriented, pragmatism is textbook Gramsci/communism. Deng used to say, “ It is immaterial if a cat is yellow or white. A cat that catches mice is a good cat.” He also said: “If it is not legal, we must make it legal”.

We in turn, with many young and intelligent Americans, must make use of the power of THOUGH in the dimension of the facts outlined above. We must develop with urgency an ideology of DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICANISM based on trust in God and moral and ethical values. These are to be applied individually and personally first. Then they must guide our decision-making process in our legislative bodies and, above all, in the governance and policy- making of our executive branch..

Paul Trog Innsbruck 02/24/2010

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