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A Diabolical Mind Game: The Silent Revolution - a Blueprint

by Paul Trog

In his famous "Screwtape Letters", C.S. Lewis developed the technique of "diabolical ventriloquism". We, of the free world who practice Christ-centered meditative thinking, must develop the ability of both "Masonic and Gramsci - Marxist ventriloquism" to understand, counter, and alter events.

The basic prerequisite for a successful implementation of the SILENT REVOLUTION is STEALTH, INFILTRATION and SECRECY. These must undergird the constant and thorough study of the ideas that nurture Western Civilization. The origin and roots of these ideas are the psychological wellspring that sustains the Western democracies. Their thoughtful analysis is imperative when formulating a logical and effective plan of ideological attack – the main thrust of which must be aimed at the essence of WESTERN MAN, his societal functions and the core beliefs on which his civilization is based. Thus his ESSENCE, FUNCTIONS and BELIEFS must be attacked simultaneously, then gradually altered and ultimately, thoroughly destroyed. The result will be IMPLOSION and the utter self-destruction of Western Civilization. In order to eliminate the future existence of the Judeo-Christian democratic society, we must rob it of its REASON TO EXIST. No man, no nation, no civilization can survive without a sense of honor, self-worth and self-respect. These intangible factors are nevertheless quite real and closely linked to morals and ethics. The MORAL CODE is precisely what our Silent Revolution must dilute, attack, and destroy. When this is successfully achieved, the old code of BOURGEOIS MORALITY will be replaced, as peacefully as possible, by our own realistic sense of RIGHT and WRONG (i.e. what serves the revolutionary aims of our Godless Collective is right and what does not, is wrong) in order to usher in our Masonic vision of a Communal Society, while fashioning the SUPERIOR MASONIC MAN. He will, as we all know, generate an enlightened collective system that ushers in the egalitarian classless age humanity has longed for since time immemorial..

One of the most important tools at our disposal for the implementation of Gramsci-Gradualism must be mentioned at this point: THE MEDIA. Our painstaking effort to thoroughly infiltrate the media during the past decades is bearing abundant fruit today. This instrument enables us to forego the primitive, brutal, and yes, primeval STALINIST methods that were in use during the earlier decades of the last century for the creation t of the collective Soviet society. The incalculable human cost incurred while establishing the kholkhoses of the Soviet collective farming system which has been a dismal failure, must be mentioned at this point in the spirit of constructive self-criticism. Today, through television, an irreversible penetration into the core family at its source, the home, has been achieved, redirecting normal family discourse towards consumerism while decisively damaging privacy itself. In addition, formative ideological ideas are channeled into the psyche of the children at their tenderest and most receptive age. We must continue aggressively, by clever programming, to alter the perception of right and wrong in children, the future citizens of our new world order. The importance of this long-term revolutionary strategy cannot be over-emphasized. By the primary use of the MEDIA and COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY in all forms of communication, we must create a moral environment in which GENUINE RELIGIOUS BELIEFS cannot thrive and their GOD is forgotten. This must be achieved by a centrally directed, step-by-step plan of MONO-THOUGHT injection, incessantly drummed into the conscious mind of the peoples, (Repetitio, Repetitio, Repetitio) until our basic and crucial concepts invade the subconscious BELIEF COMPARTMENTS guiding individuals and nations.


  1. Separate each individual, from childhood on if possible – but certainly at the latest during the rebellion of puberty – and subsequently, at every latter stage of development, FROM HIS TRUST IN AND REVERENCE FOR HIS JUDEO-CHRISTIAN GOD. To achieve this, we must foster Neo-Paganism by appealing to every primeval lust and fear embedded in the human psyche. We must offer a smoergasbord of attractive, new beliefs, cults, sects, paganism etc., continually.
  2. Attack the schematic guidelines (schema) which subconsciously structures the life of the individual and guides through him, his democratic society. In other words, we must puncture and shatter the moral/ethical/spiritual CONTAINER that encompasses the democratic system and protects its life, its laws, its motivation and above all, its roots (i.e. its MONOTHEISTIC GOD CONCEPT). By continually fostering all forms of selfishness, we must change the perception of RIGHT AND WRONG GRADUALLY. We must create the ME-FIRST generation.
  3. Transform the concepts of MANHOOD, WOMANHOOD, ADOLESCENCE, CHILDHOOD, FAMILY, and finally LIFE AND DEATH.

  1. MANHOOD: highlight the feminine in as many role-models as possible. Push for the acceptance of outward subliminal-psychological signs conveying femininity, as for instance transvestite Rock singers, the use of falsetto counter-tenor renditions of a host of clearly abusive, blasphemous and immoral songs, wearing excessive amounts of jewelry, like ear-rings and so forth. Foster and further homosexual movements wherever possible and the acceptance of homosexuality and lesbianism as an alternative lifestyle, including gay marriage - an absurdity that excludes procreation and can lead to the demise of the human race. Give to closet homosexuals in the acting professions starring macho parts in plays, films and in sitcoms, to undermine the subconscious perception of virile masculinity. Rock Hudson’s stealth homosexuality is an example which must be emulated whenever possible. Portray men as devious, ambivalent and indecisive wimps
  2. WOMANHOOD: Through role models, highlight decisiveness in decision-making and physical prowess as well as borderline masculinity. Push women out of the home into careerism, as far away from their innate motherly care for children and the natural urge to bear them, thus procreating the human race. At all cost, reduce the number of children in the nuclear family and inhibit the natural function of the male who is tasked by nature to be the sole breadwinner in order to free the woman to tend to the needs of the progeny properly. Foster self-realization and dampen female unselfishness whenever possible. Disrupt the Judeo-Christian family entity thus weakening the children psychologically and preparing them for the seeding of our logical concepts. Foster Women’s Liberation movements. Foster lesbianism.
  3. BIRTH: foster all aspects of abortion, birth-control and inn doing so, attack and destroy the Judeo-Christian belief in the SANCTITY OF LIFE.
  4. CHILDHOOD: Foster dissatisfaction and rebellion against parental authority, whenever possible at the earliest stages of childhood. This must be done scientifically and surreptiously, in accordance to strict guidelines and through all means at our disposal: Cartoons, toddlers programs on TV, comic books, etc. And don’t forget the toys
  5. ADOLESCENCE: Destroy every vestige of innate moral/ethical/spiritual principles, by injecting into as many adolescents as possible a dose of drugs, pornography and Satanism. Enable the sale of drugs in highschools. Foster a hedonistic life-style and Rock Music. Implicate as many adolescents as possible into a web of illegality.
  7. DEATH: Foster EUTHANASIA. Destroy the ridiculous belief in life after death, one of the cleverest tools of the Judeo-Christian faiths, a lie used to manipulate mankind for centuries.

The aforementioned guidelines are binding and must be strictly adhered to. They must be developed into cohesive, multi-faceted and ongoing programs the effectiveness of which must be under constant scrutiny and constructive criticism. They must complement, but never replace the following three-pronged attack, the implementation of which has been ordered by the Diabolical Presidium, as you all must be aware of:

  1. To inject into the youth of the WORLD during puberty, a dose of drugs, pornography and Satanism, in order to destroy during that crucial developmental phase of natural rebellion, any and all vestiges of moral/ethical/spiritual concepts. This has already been done with enormous success starting in the decade of the nineteen-sixties and has effectively watered down and altered the core beliefs of Judeo-Christianity in the Western society.
  2. By using the SALAMI TACTIC OF GRADUALISM (Antonio Gramsci one of its inventors, was the founder of the Italian Communist Party), slowly alter the perception of right and wrong in every age bracket of Western Society and the world. The result must be the destruction of the MORAL COMPASS, the North Star of behavior of mankind. This effort has progressed most effectively in the USA to the full satisfaction of the Diabolical Presidium and was imaginatively launched and sponsored by the American Civil Liberties Union. The successes of this stellar organization range from the Supreme Court decisions encompassing the RIGHT TO ABORTIONS, the elimination of the SCHOLL PRAYER and that most delicious of all decisions, a masterful interpretation of the CIVIL RIGHTS OF CRIMINALS (Miranda Decision), to enumerate but a few.
  3. Foster every form of TERRORISM . Kill here, destroy there, assassinate characters everywhere. Create a climate of fear, unease and insecurity. This is a circumstance most favorable to accelerating the rotting process in the Western Democracies and fosters indecision and immobilism, two crucial elements for our forthcoming peaceful and inevitalble takeover of the West and the world.

ADDENDUM: All truth is in God and to access it, we must develop Christ-centered meditative thinking. Our logical intelligence will soon be surpassed by synthetic intelligence. The computer brain will drown our logical mind and render it useless and obsolete. It will ultimately snuff out human reason, causing ultimate brain death in all those humans who have not yet reached this stage. THIS IS THE NEW DELUGE THAT THREATENS MANKIND. Those who have not developed Christ-centered intuitive thinking will perish or be reduced to robots. LIVING SOURCE THINKING is the oxygen needed to survive the Deluge generated by the parasitic Diabolical Mind.

Paul J. Trog
August 26th, 2011

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