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To transform the table of the Lord into a smorgasbord, offering a varied spiritual fare emanating out of a host of religions and thus, God forbid, expressing the all-inclusive New Age spirituality, was the aim and purpose of the recent, most popular and sainted Pope John Paul II. In his book “Windswept House”, Malachi Martin describes John Paul’s intent as follows on page 40:
“He visited all and every kind of temple, shrine, sacred grove, holy cave, drinking magic drinks, eating mystical foods, accepting the sign of pagan deities on his forehead, speaking on an equal basis with heretical patriarchs, schismatic bishops, doctrinally erring theologians, even admitting them to St. Peter’s Basilica concelebrating a sacred liturgy with them.” “But however outrageous his actions as Pope, he never explained himself. He never apologized for not doing so. He rarely mentioned the sacred name of Jesus Christ when talking with vast public audiences; he willingly removed the Crucifix and even the Blessed Sacrament of the Eucharist when his non-Catholic and non-Christian guests found these signs of Roman Catholicism too unpleasant for them. In fact, he never referred to himself as a Roman Catholic or to his Church as the Roman Catholic Church.”

Meanwhile the powerful Jesuits were transforming the transcendent faith of countless Catholics into a theology of humanism and socio- political revolution. This happened after the fateful decision was implemented world wide to change fundamentally the focus of Holy Mass by pivoting the worshipping priest away from the CREATOR, turning his back to the Eternal Trinitarian God YHWH to face God’s temporal CREATION: Man. Humanism invaded the centerpiece of the Catholic faith!
Consequently, the Table of the Lord Jesus Christ on which the eternal Sacrifice of the only begotten Son of God is celebrated in our dimension of time, was moved into timelessness, away from Rome. The Dispenser of the Grace of Redemption for humankind, the indwelling, ever present and all-powerful Essence of the Divine Trinity, accompanying the Christian believers every day, was fatally sinned against. And it is written that this very transgression can never be forgiven. The Holy Spirit of God that indwells those He chooses, is to be worshipped now in the eternal dimension of spirit and truth, (John 4,21-24) in prayer, meditation and contemplation, as all other avenues are poisoned. May He, the Holy Spirit of God guide us to His Table of the Spirit. It is prepared and ready to receive all the faithful believers.

Paul Trog
Innsbruck, this 11.11.2014

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