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An End Run for the Blood Suckers

By Paul Trog

"You are a patriot" exclaimed Jim Cramer, addressing Rick Santelli during the CNBC program ‘Squawk Box’ of April 10th, 2012. Santelli was demonstrating on camera in an auto-mechanic’s shop, how uncomplicated and easy it is to convert a pick-up truck into a vehicle using natural gas as additional, safe and environmentally friendly propellant, by hooking up a device onto a conventional petrol (or diesel) burning engine. In less than a day, after securing the components which are readily available and mostly made in America, the retooling of the car including labor, would cost approximately $ 9.000.- Santelli showed us as he drove the vehicle, how smoothly one can switch the engine from petrol to natural gas and back again to petrol.

A natural gas compressor is also available which can be hooked up to the domestic gas pipe at home, available in most US residential suburbs for cooking and heating purposes. This costs with the tank filling attachment, including labor, another $ 9.000.- more or less.

The prevailing natural gas glut in the USA has lowered the retail price of that commodity for the equivalent of a gallon of petrol to less than a dollar. Some say to 60 cents! Comparing the cost of this AMERICAN commodity, readily available at home, to the price fluctuations of imported foreign oil, dictated by OPEC and the American Oil Lobby, the sum-total of the conversion cost could be paid off rather easily.

With this CNBC program, Santelli has severely damaged the “cash-cow System of the American Oil Lobby that has exploited the average citizen for such a long time – and has also begun to brake the strangle-hold of the Marxist environmental movements on the US economy.

Personal fuel independence? Yes. Followed by American fuel independence. This can be achieved rapidly, causing the bottom of the OPEC Cartel’s price structure, which is clearly linked to the American Oil Lobby’s powerful influence on US foreign policy, to drop out for good!

These blood-suckers have tapped into the US family budget for too long and our foreign policy has been manipulated against our national interests too often.

Our huge natural gas and crude oil reserves have existed for millenias. Who has been keeping us in the dark about that fact for so long? Has the US Geological Survey been bribed or is it motivated by the communist ideology? Presumably it is not staffed by dumb and illiterate people.

Bravo Santelli, you are indeed a patriot!

Paul Trog
April 12th, 2012

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