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by Paul Trog

A mass entrancement of Hitlerian proportions is gripping the U.S. population and the world. It is conjured up by President Obama's persona and rhetoric. That this fact has historic precedent must be understood and expressed. It should be laid bare intelligently and dispelled with courage. The media's megaphone, in a perfect rendering of Dr. Göbbels's playbook, is whipping up the waves of Obama adulation, anointing him as a long awaited saviour.

This is a phenomenon of mass hysteria, more threatening and dangerous for Americans and the rest of the free world than the blight of Germany's National Socialism ever was. And because the Office of the U.S. Presidency is considered by the people as being a kind of Holy Grail, and further- more, lofty pronouncements made at the foot of the Lincoln Memorial by the first black President of the Republic have a gripping historic impact, speaking as they do and resonating directly in the conscience of the nation: They give excellent cover and free access to the planned introduction of the Marxist ideology and its aims of globalism in policy formulation and legislative decision making. 

Slowly and unobtrusively, a form of Marxism will seep into the American dream, sapping its power. Indeed, change is coming. 

Change will be generated gradually, slowly and cleverly, according to the method formulated by Antonio Gramsci, who said that gaining power for Marxism by peaceful, democratic means is possible when events and elections are structured intelligently. To maintain power subsequently is easier, if the ideology has been rooted properly in all strategic places. Gramsci was the founder of the Communist Party of Italy and was jailed by Mussolini for decades.

His ideas were followed successfully by President Ignatio Lulla of Brazil, who came to power after a brilliant election campaign, supported by millions of Dollars donated surreptuously by the FARC, Colombias Narco-Marxist movement that is killing, maiming, kidnapping and imprisoning many thousands in Pres.Uribe's country still. Lulla subsequently asked for the cooperation of the best minds in the opposition parties and offered them cabinet positions. It was a masterful political stroke of psychological warfare, followed by a pattern of cajolery, corruption and bribe giving, and then by threats and intimidation. There were scandals, but they never implicated Lulla seriously. Brasil was and still is successfully governed by Lulla's team, the global financial crisis notwithstanding. Meanwhile the ideology of Marxism has taken root solidly, as the Brazilian intelligence service ABIM and even the high command of the Armed Services are following Lulla's every bidding.

President Lulla was the co-founder of the Foro de Sao Paulo, a forum for the Marxist nations of the world with regular strategy meetings every year. Indeed today, with the exception of Colombia's Pres. Uribe and possibly Peru, all the other Latin American nations are governed by Marxist administrations. 

Obama's actions to date, follow a similar pattern. And the brand of Mayor Daily's Chicago gutter politics is perfectly suited for a similar ideological takeover in the Gramsci fashion, that parallels Lulla's astonishingly successful achievements. 

In the light of the above, a personal note: 

Two weeks ago, a bookcase anchored on the wall beside my PC, came crashing down. A mound of books landed on the floor and at the foot of my bed, two tomes were laying - St. Thomas More's Utopia and a copy of the Pensées of Pascal (recommended reading: Pensée 555), ejecting my personal agenda of 1974. That year, after a life of great professional stress, paired with indulgeance, my authentic self was spoken to clearly, as I was sitting in a train in Europe beside my wife -

On ne peut pas fabriquer des saints; Dieu le fait de l'interieur.

Dieu est brutal, Il s'empare de notre vie et ne lache plus.

God is brutal, He takes hold of our lives and never lets go.

Tu n'as plus besoin d'avoir peur d'aimer.

Don't be afraid to love.

Dieu est fidèle. fidèle. God is faithful, He keeps His promises. 

Dieu est un océan. océan. God is an ocean. God is truly powerful. 

Prisonnier du Christ, qui nous libère, qui nous lave de Son Sang et nous donne la vie éternelle. Mon coeur est a Toi, toujours! ujours!

To my shame,I have strayed since, and been unfaithful to this vision. But He has come back for me and entered my life.

INTIMATIO CHRISTI is required of us at this stage of history.

De enimici nostris, libera nos, libera nos!

Paul Trog


Jan. 20, 200920, 2009


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