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by Paul Trog

The exorcist-in-chief of the diocese of Rome, Italy, Father Gabriele Amorth, an 82-year-old priest of the Pauline Order and a veteran of 12,000 demonic expulsions which he performed in the last 25 years, declared in a recent interview: "Satan is present throughout the very heart of the Catholic Church…. The smoke of Satan within the hallowed halls is responsible for violence, abuse of every kind, and the power struggles between Cardinals who do not believe in Jesus and Bishops who are linked to the Demon."
Father Gabriele just wrote a book called "An Exorcist Reports".

This Easter, a sermon similar to the legendary and sincerely repentant "Mea Culpa" declaration of John Paul II in March 2000, was not forthcoming, although it surely is urgent to embrace with humility the basic Christian concept of  "There, but for the grace of God, go I."

When the sins of the dispensers of grace on earth are so great. that even heaven recoils, does that not mean that we have reached an epochal turn of events in the history of mankind ?

And when the Source of Grace chooses to uncover conduct so blatantly offensive, that nature itself rebelling, unleashes earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions and countless other catastrophic events, has the time not come to reevaluate our personal conduct as well as our national policies with prayerful urgency and thoughtfulness, asking God for His guidance?

Yes, it is necessary to do serious, personal, introspective thinking which must result in decisive, transformative action.

Urgent also, is an intelligent examination and reassessment of the validity of contemporary 'truth', in full knowledge of the fact that God's eternal TRUTH has been altered and twisted by the nearly imperceptible subliminal method of GRADUALISM, which has modified surreptitiously the original meaning and intent of Christian doctrine and its absolute moral standards.

The gradual introduction of relativism in all its opacity, is at the root of the present catastrophic situation...

Does the 'Agiornamento' of Vatican II, initiated by Pope John XXIII and Gramsci's theory of GRADUALISM have something in common ? Abolishing the use of the Latin idiom, which was the universal linguistic bond of the Church when mass was read anywhere in the world, a bond strongly securing and protecting for centuries the theological integrity and simplicity, and yes, the beauty of the Catholic faith, was this not a catastrophic blunder? Historic continuity was severed.

Unbridled modern revisionism was the consequence, as imaginative catholic theologians reinvented the faith. An almost limitless arsenal of linguistic subtleties was used when the vernacular replaced the limpid clarity of the Latin text. On the other hand, an unwavering biblical literalism of other theologians helped to foster the tendency to break up the Church into national entities and exotic belief structures. This increased and deepened the theological and cultural turf battles between the Bishops and Cardinals.

Was there not a faint smell of brimstone when Liberation Theology was conceived, its marxist content progressively engulfing the Church in Latin America and facilitating the application of communist revolutionary thought.

God is a jealous God.

And when the otherwise benign Pope John Paul II seated representative leaders of various world faiths on equal footing with the Christian Pope during the « Inter-Religious Observance of Assisi », obviously our Lord God was not pleased. He was reminded of the 'Solomon Syndrome'.

King Solomon, at the end of his reign, acceded to the demands of many of his wives who had not embraced the Judaic faith and built them temples in Jerusalem for a variety of their gods and demi-gods. This had grave consequences for Solomon and his descendants.

God's anger was expressed when an earthquake shook Assisi November 27, l997, which damaged the precious Giotto frescoes depicting the life of St. Francis, as well as the whole structure of the Basilica.

The guidance of the Living Thoughts of God are needed today as never before. The time has come for practicing intuitive meditation and to listen to the breath of God present in every human being since the creation of Adam and Eve.

This is the time to take stock.

Paul Trog
April 24th, 2010
The author is a Roman Catholic convert

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