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False Prophets displace Christ with a Self that is well disguised as the Holy Spirit.

by Paul Trog

At this crucial moment in contemporary history, the paroxysm of evil which humanity is sinking into is due to the absence of God's most indispensable creation, the Christian Man and the Christian Woman.

It is said of todays Christian that he does repeat biblical words, but that his self's hardened shell only reflects interpretations of Christ's message. He does not burn like the sun.

Because the redemptive Blood of Christ is not flowing in his circulatory system, permeating his character and his being, he remains unchanged, untransformed. The life-giving power of the Blood of Christ is mostly used as a palliative to soothe the conscience without transforming the essence of man. That crucial part of his being he furiously defends and remains the same, untouched.

The New Christian Man, in contrast to 'the Communist Man' or Hitler's Aryan creatures, is not an evolution of the self, a progression towards Nietzsche's SUPERMAN who remakes the world.

God's new creation does eclose out of the human self - "in an act of emerging from his pupal case", ('eclosion' as defined by the Merrian-Webster Dictionary); And the pupal shell is his rejected self.

It is by choice that this process is initiated and also by a relentless pursuit of an EXPERIMENT IN DEPTH - a profound and sincere spirituality resulting in a decisive meeting in the divine dimension of Christ followed by a linking to Jesus's vine, from which all life flows and to which the three circulatory systems of the being (body, soul and spirit) must be firmly joined.

Christ's redemptive Blood is then given access to the entire being.. Indeed, "...the Blood of His Son Jesus Christ cleanses us from all sin"! However, its potency does infinitely more. It generates metamorphosis and rebirth: An unshakeable transformation both moral and spiritual.

Freed from the envelope of the self, now no more than a useless pupal case, the Christian Man has emerged. He recognizes the wiles of Satan and his false prophets. He shreds the shroud of evil. And he leads the creation to its God-willed destiny.

Paul Trog
August 31, 2010

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