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The Feral Hogs of Chicago

by Paul Trog

They grunt in Orwellian double-speak as they move around in "sounders" on their own turf, the American media. Their large appetite for half-truths and outright lies gives daily cover to the sustained invasion of these dangerous animals into every news outlet of the USA, every government department they administer, the Senate they control and critically, the dulled consciousness of the indolent mass of US citizens they so masterfully manipulate. Indeed, the Beast’s intelligent gang tactics have facilitated an astonishing string of recent election victories. Also, these pests have sharp tusks and a voracious appetite as they continually dull and destroy the inherent resolve of the majority of Americans to defend their constitutional freedoms enshrined in the Bill of Rights. They emulate in doing so, the successful playbook of Adolf Hitler. An envious Dr. Goebels would salivate at the thought of being given another chance to emulate their slick and sly propaganda tricks.

As they proceed in their quest to trample down the remaining American moral and spiritual fiber, these "hogs" systematically poison every remaining water-hole containing the pristine waters of God’s commandments and religious verities that could revive the thirst for justice and fair play inherent in the American psyche.

They wallow their dirty carcass in what they aim to destroy by communizing the last vestiges of entrepreneurship and creativity and systematically washing out these attributes that are so deeply ingrained in the hard working American population.

Indeed, under their leadership, America is clearly heading straight into a dictatorial system not unlike the Venezuelan model of Commandante Chavez, or, God forbid, for the defunct National Socialism of Hitler, consciously and knowingly guided by an elected group of feral Chicago gangsters.

Paul Trog
May 20th, 2013

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