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by Paul Trog

The other day, I came across some of my notes written in Las Vegas Nevada of all places, on 2/21/l987, while attending a convention. These thoughts are just as relevant today as they were then:

The Flight of the Dove

"Eternity is an element so vitally necessary for us, a dimension so close to us, that we spend nearly two fifth of our lives in it - during our sleep.

Timelessness is accessible to us quite naturally and instantly.

We regenerate in it.

Only there, the conflicting elemental components of our being, hidden in the deepest recesses of our subconscious, find their expression and give free vent to their originality.

In it, our deepest thoughts are shaped and take form.

Our ability to dip in and out of timelessness helps us to prevent premature coagulation of the inner substance of life, our God given ethereal blood.

If we will it, the motion of timelessness can propel us back to our origin, to the basic hunger God has implanted in us in order to fulfill His eternal purpose.

That hunger is our longing for Him.

However, Adam willed his hunger to be redirected to the SELF. And that is the root of all our troubles.

The hunger of all his descendants (us) thus misguided, became the motor of their selfish temptations.

Human nature was changed fundamentally, but Adam and his descendants did not become "as Gods knowing good and evil."

Original sin put its formative imprint on all of us, reshaping our hunger and damaging our will.

Original sin is not something remote, as I always thought.

Original sin affects with instant immediacy every thought, every feeling, every decision and every action - every day of our lives.

Unless liberated CONSCIOUSLY every day from its power by the Blood of Christ, we must live in its iron grip every moment, until death.

Original sin has the power of blocking thought and throttling motivation.

I believe it to be the reason for our dismal use of our innate and God given attributes, abilities and gifts.

The cure, to be effective, must therefore be radical and heal us at the origin, redirecting and linking our hunger to the feeding system of Christ.

To achieve this, we need a structured and constant program of inner prayer.

Then we can meditate effectively and act independently, courageously.

Then our thoughts will TAKE FLIGHT WITH THE DOVE. We see far, and can fathom the deep reshaping it effectively.

One man released from the power of original sin, can alter the ebb and flow of history decisively!"

Paul Trog

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