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The Global Collective Brain


The Global Collective Brain

By Paul Trog

An urgent program of ‘reverse engineering’ of God’s designing decisions from the end product, modern man, must be initiated if we are to thwart the impending global take over of artificial intelligence.  An immediate and thorough evaluation of the core of human nature and man’s thinking processes is required to expose his inherent need for personal identity and innate thirst for freedom of choice. To this effect intensive and personal meditative thinking is an absolute necessity.

A collective computer driven universal brain with world encompassing tentacles is already in place, enmeshing mankind. Its satellite information gathering network is observing humanity’s every move, day and night, recognizing, recording and evaluating every independent thought process. We built it. We continually feed it with information. Who will use it in the end and for what purpose?

Mirroring the tactics of today’s asymmetric warfare, a loose-knit, disciplined and centrally guided Godless Collective is gaining control over this instrument of ultimate power. The Godless Collective encompasses 1) the Gramsci brand of Communism with all of its Marxist allies, 2) Free Masonry and its like-minded secret societies and 3) the adherent of unfettered power-grabbing capitalism imbued with the empire building visions of Cecil Rhodes. The Godless Collective intends to use the device’s exponential growth to eradicate individual free choice and replace it with a central and dictatorial synthetic will.

Surreptitiously, but with the acquiescence of an unthinking civilized world, individuality is being diluted as humankind is transformed progressively into successive generations of willing robots.

The globalism of reason is a concept initiated by the godless collective which distorts human thinking with uninterrupted propaganda in the attempt to eradicate every possibility of developing independent thoughts that could lead to forming and expressing personal opinions. Most of civilized humanity co-operates in that undertaking by constantly releasing an incredible amount of personal information.

We have forgotten that there exists a spiritual ecology that mankind dare not disturb.

It is linked and runs parallel to nature’s ecology. The fields of God located there, depend on a delicate balance between good and evil, the purpose of which is to give mankind time to think, seek – and the freedom to choose to access and enter into the dimension of Christ.

Robots do not decide. The dictatorial globalism of reason intends to obliterate the possibility of choosing to graft the human heart and soul to God’s vastly superior Eternal Intelligence of His Holy Spirit. This decision must be freely taken, as was Adam’s choice to disobey God.

Paul Trog
January 10th, 2012

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