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Imago Dei

Restoring the image of God in man is to regenerate the original, eternal dimension of a divine, although embryonic, destiny within him. But how can God’s Visage appear again in the psyche of a descendant of Adam, who’s forefather chose to expunge and replace the Likeness of YHWH from within his intrinsic core and replace It with human reason, knowledge, and the essence of his own self? How can anyone who is boxed into his own self, but is driven by a powerful surge of spiritual hunger to search successfully for an eternal destiny divine, unrealized because of Adam’s fatal disobedience? What must this individual do as he discovers, mirrored within the self, the duality of his divided being? Does he have the courage to persevere in his search although confronted with the fact that in the place reserved for the living and eternal embryonic Imago Dei within, he is confronted during his meditative searches for his Eternal Creator, by a reflection of his own, deified, but indeed very mortal self?

This is, in essence, the “Conditio Humana” : A Gordian Knot.

This bedeviled human circumstance is masterfully conveyed by the following excerpt of an ancient Gnostic poem, called the “Hymn of the Robe”, or also “Hymn of the Pearl”. It was presumably authored by a Syriac writer called Bardaisan in the 3rd century a.D.:

….as I gazed on it, suddenly the garment
like a mirror reflected me
and I saw myself apart
as two entities in one form.
The treasurer had brought me one robe,
yet in two halves I saw one shape
with one kingly seal.

Split in two in the mortal dimension of time, yet longing intuitively for a spiritual promise lost…. Cut off from a destiny eternal seemingly gone forever and living constricted in a cavernous self –made structure that Plato describes ably in his writings as a cave? Does hope and faith ‘spring eternal’ still?

But wait: There to discover for the persistent Christian believer, is a point of confluence at which eternity does indeed cross the dimension of time and is therefore in the present constantly – in the here and now as it were. The confluence happens atop the hill of Golgotha on which the Son of God ETERNAL Jesus Christ is crucified and dying as the Son of Man in our TIME. Perfectly guiltless, He dies for the Redemption of man and the genetic Re-creation of all His chosen humans.

Meditation, irradiation and prayer will guide the adamant believer to this timeless meeting point. The Eternal Dimension will lead him forward to his embryonic destiny Divine, reinstated in the human psyche through Christ. This destiny reappears as the Image of God is reconstituted within his soul. Its embryo of the Spirit, waiting to be reborn, is subsequently pollinated by the Holy Spirit of the All-mighty Trinitarian God YHWH. Then and only thus Homo Spiritualis. is reborn.


I lay me down beside Him on the cross
letting the lance that pierced His heart
shatter the core of my ancestral sequence
thus killing the essence of my Self of Reason.

And as I was cleansed by His Living Waters,
that “Me” was redeemed
and re-created by His Blood.

Time died right then,
at the foot of the cross,
where access to the Realm Eternal
is immanent and immediate.

And as He died for me, Reason died in me.
His death killed the sin of Adam,
and opened the sky to the irradiated truth
of the rebirth of “Homo Spiritualis”
generated by the Holy Spirit of YHWH.

Paul Trog
This13th of June, 2017

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