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by Paul Trog

The social, civil and economic fabric of the nation is in danger. In addition to the clear and present threat of Marxist-Socialist enslavement posed by Obama, our country is hog-tied by an antiquated and coagulated system of special interest lobbies that has plunged its predatory tentacles deeply into the U.S. Congress, the administration and key sectors of the economy. 

We have reached the perilous stage of IMMOBILISM, an immobility both political, economic and industrial; the vibrancy of the nation's entrepreneurship is being smothered by the powerful Banking Lobby and its member institutions' slowness (or unwillingness) to extend credit. Their obvious intent is to syphon off our national resources and tax revenues to cover the considerable losses they incurred when the housing bubble burst.

They blackmail the nation for ransom.

The powerful thrust of American creativity is stagnating; political infighting, ideological disputes, personal animosities and the greed of the lobbies are generating gaping deficits, that have lead the country into a virtual economic and political stand-still. 

In nature, a wounded and motionless animal is an easy prey for predators.

 Meanwhile, China has abolished its system of rigid government controls guiding its former command economy and loosened state regulations for capital formation, industrial production and commerce. Its dictatorial grip on the real source of power however, was not relinquished. The Communist Party controls the military, the various police entities and is responsible as before for ultimate decision-making and national longterm planning. 

Vaunting their indisputable economic success, China offers its 'hybrid' System of governance with conviction as an alternative to our Western democratic system. And China is also tying up contractually the raw material resources of the globe for their own national use and presumably, in order to dictate the raw material price structure in the future. It must be clear to everyone who thinks this over, that this could have devastating economic consequences for the free world. 

It is therefore urgent to rethink and retool our capitalist system and free its powerful productivity from impeeding special interests. If this is not achieved, we will be overwhelmed inevitably and forced to march in lock-step to the tune of the tyrants, towards communist collectivism and the dictatorship of globalism. 

In 1989, as the Soviet Union collapsed, I watched as the most capable leaders of the U.S. ideological left flocked in droves into environmental groups and the green movement. Over the years, among other signal achievements, they successfully aborted most efforts at oil exploration in the Gulf of Mexico and on both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. 

On the other hand and simultaneously, the Oil Lobby and its affiliated companies were able to stop every attempt to provide the nation with alternative fuel resources because they provided the bulk of the research scientists engaged by the US government for the purpose of seeking and developing technical solutions and economic feasibility studies for various alternative fuel projects. Naturally, every effort to come up with credible results was bound to fail. 

This IMMOBILISM has spanned countless decades and caused the recent incredible wealth transfer (our money) to many bitter enemies of our country. It has also caused massive domestic and national deficits, for which, in the end, the US taxpayer has to foot the bill. 

Meanwhile, Russia is building a Siberian pipe-line to its frozen Pacific shores, and from there to China, in direct competition with an EXXON venture, the purpose of which is absolutely similar, while fuel needs on our shores are willfully ignored. 

A paralysis caused by the lobbies grips most industrial fields in the USA. Unbridled greed and selfinterest motivate the 'Special Interest' groups and could very well cause demise of our DEMOCRATIC SYSTEM.

Paul Trog





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