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The Intrinsic Core of the Being (Das Allerwesentlichste Sein.)

The soul is the well-spring of life in the intrinsic core of every human being. In addition, it is the immanent repository of its most singular genetic attributes, gifts, foibles and character traits. Furthermore, it is at the center of its intuitive intelligence which fosters the beings growth both mental and physical towards a highly personal and unique destiny.

It is there, in the intrinsic core of the being, that awareness of the spiritual preponderance of human nature awakens and the presence of the God creator, who knows every being before it comes to life, is experienced. This extraordinary discovery must be sustained and buttressed fearlessly day by day, by a faithful practice of Christo-centric meditation that does and will lead to the rebirth of the self into the realm of the spirit, the Kingdom of God.

Presently, imminently in the here and now, the soul inside the human being, with all its most precious personal attributes, is being literally SUCKED OUT and poured electronically, with its consent, into a communal receptacle of global REASON that reshapes and refashions the being and its thinking. Then recycled and absorbed, it is poured into the episteme of human knowledge. And then the being becomes a faceless human, a most servile entity in the hands and at the service of a monstrous artificial intelligence. Thus, robbed of any decision-making ability that would generate individual growth and development, this essential attribute atrophies and dies.

Indeed, when all and everything is guided by a central command and control system, amorphous and servile beings are fashioned that must live at the pleasure of the supreme FASHIONER, the great dictator.

This is the dawn of the most ruthless and cruel dictatorship mankind has ever known out of which there will be no escape. Granted, brilliant but infantile beings may emanate from and be fashioned by the absolute centrality of the global genetic restructuring of a mankind, shorn of its most precious spiritual component. And this development will no doubt be hailed as the Second Renaissance reshaping and transforming mankind into a DEMIURGIAN DEFORMATION (in Plato’s Timaeus the Demiurge is a fashioner, a maker a demi-god perhaps, similar to the ‘great architect of the universe’ of the Free-Masons, but most certainly not and never ever the Creator God All-mighty and Trinitarian YHWH!) which entails humanity’s restructuring into a most cruel servitude and abject existence.

But the true rebirth into the spiritual being within, present in every individual man or woman, is a choice still open to all. We can travel inward now, toward the immanent core at the epicenter of the being, by pursuing in faith a program of daily Christo-centric meditation and, upon becoming aware of the presence of the Father Eternal our Creator, why not ask Him for the grace of rebirth into His Realm eternal. Rebirth was promised to us by YHWH’s very seed, His only begotten Son Jesus Christ, the New Adam, who, as every seed must, died for us and with us, before germinating, gestating and generating a new spiritual being in us ready to be reborn. And then, one day, rebirth happens. For He redeemed us individually as He died with us, in us and for us on the cross of Golgotha. His sole purpose then and now was to open a path for His chosen ones to become part of His Genome Divine by rebirth, as Sons and Daughters, and heirs to His Spiritual Realm Eternal.

Paul Trog
November 4th, 2016

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