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By Paul Trog

We thought that the witches revel and the dancing of the chaotic spirit-hosts during Walpurgis ended for good on the night of April 30/May l, 1945, when Hitler died, committing suicide, his body afire, consumed by kerosene flames. But think again. The spell was not broken and Walpurgis lives and thrives, today more than ever.

At the Nuremberg trials, nobody seriously considered examining the aspect of Nazism's pagan and occult roots. Nobody analyzed Himmler's quest for religious substance to undergird the beliefs that were nurturing the Aryan super-race. Any logic pointing to occult reasons for the German regression into their collective Arian paganism of the soul and spirit, was dismissed out of hand as hocus pocus. That kind of thinking was described as crypto-historical nonsense. After all, Hitler was gone and good riddance! His leading henchmen were tried, condemned and some of them executed. That ended a gruesome chapter of history, well forgotten. The Germans were successfully denazified and life went on. However, there was much more to consider and comprehend regarding this ugly page of contemporary history. The principal motivational aspect propelling Nazi Germany ever forward and fatefully into World War II was overlooked, suppressed and repressed by everyone. This was unfortunate and to the detriment of Christianity's Western culture, as well as to the democratic system of governance it produced. Hitler knew well that for his ideology to properly grip the German nation and its people, Christianity had to be replaced by an implantation of heroic Arian deities and demi-gods equal to those conjured so successfully by the Wagnerian Opus the Fuehrer reveled in so often in Bayreuth. With typical National Socialist criminal thoroughness and logic, the genetic source, including all ancestral sequences of Christianity's founder, Jesus of Nazareth, rooted as they are in the Judean House of David, had to be expunged. They surmised that then, with Christianity shorn of its roots, this bothersome religion would collapse and disappear. A harsh persecution of all the Christians who would refuse to abandon their faith would follow, culminating in their systematic extermination. However, Hitler was fundamentally mistaken. Jesus the Christ was not only the Son of Man, but also the Son of the Living God, Creator of the world. And he was wrong again, because in addition to man's genetic component, his soul and spirit exist. Therefore, and by the grace of God, Christianity's redemptive reality did survive the onslaught of the Aryan deities and was spared persecution. However, a lot of National Socialism's eugenic bilge-water (including abortion, euthanasia, genetic engineering, and so forth) did seep into the social fabric and medical practices of the West. It is a sad fact that eugenic thinking, fostered as it is by clever and relentless propaganda, is now generally tolerated, notwithstanding occasional muted protests. In this respect some would say, Hitler lives on in the 21st Century.

But then, a few years later, the global invasion of the plastic shamans followed. If the Arian demons were propelling the quest for a racial superman to lead Germany to victory in their conquest of the world, the intent of world-spanning atheistic communism was different. It resolved to use regressive shamanism, including all its nefariously potent use of fungi and narcotics, to confuse, weaken, destroy, and conquer their class, and cultural enemies. Khrushchev shouted his famous threat: "We will bury you!" in the l960s and he meant every word of it. He gave the order to flood the Western democracies systematically with drugs after assessing their effective use by the Chinese in the Korean war. China has not forgotten the Opium War and the scandalous use of drugs against the population of their country in the 19th century.. The book "RED COCAINE the drugging of America and the West" by Dr. Joseph D. Douglass (Edward Harle, London and New York) is a must read on this crucial subject, It contains proof positive about what is stated above. It is required reading in many government departments. At the same time, the West was flooded by a host of ERSATZ religions and many plastic shamans, who appealed to the primitive angst and basest instincts in man while opening the portals of the demonic spirit world. They caused untold moral damage and spiritual harm to millions of human beings and their families - and still do.. . . Yet the Christian faith survives...

A much greater danger to the redemptive rebirth the Christian faith offers to mankind, is the religion of Islam. Indeed, monotheistic Islam condemns shamanism of any kind, as well as the worship of gods. It is a powerfully-structured religious belief that, with strong devotional simplicity captured a great number of mankind's most advanced civilizations, as well as many tribes and peoples of primitive beliefs. And in doing so, it encompasses today more than a billion of believers around the globe

But Islam fails to assess correctly and fully understand the human condition:

Sura 17, Al Isra, verse 15 declares that man is born without guilt. Thus for Islam, the redemption of human nature is not needed and Jesus of Nazareth remains for them only a prophet among many others. Jesus is not the Son of God who delivers mankind from the sin of Adam and from its occlusion of evil, of which mankind is a part and in which everyone has to live. For them, rebirth into Christ's sinless creation, leaving "Les Fleurs du mal", the flowering of evil behind, is but a myth.

We forget to our peril that an illustrious Christian civilization disappeared at the hands of Islam on the 29th of May 1453, the day Constantinople (today's Istanbul) fell into the hands of the Ottoman armies of Sultan Mehemet II. That day, the storied Byzantine Empire vanished for good. Probably by treachery, the Kerkoporta Gate located in the Blachemae wall, North-East of the city, was left open; and the elite Janissaries contingent of the Sultan, closely followed by the Ottoman army, breached the walls and took the city. The last Byzantine Emperor, Constantine XI, valiantly led his troops to the end and was killed during the ultimate charge. Islam displaced and replaced Christianity in an empire where St. Paul had traveled extensively and where the Virgin Mary died.. Had the Venetian fleet come to the rescue in a timely fashion, the fate of Constantinople might have been different!

Today, as in the Fifteenth-Century, the Christian faith is threatened and assailed on all sides. The possibility of its implosion and explosion is real. We must urgently deepen our commitment to the redemptive power of Christ and, by His grace, release its creative thrust as we both rethink and confront present reality...

Paul Trog
Easter, April 4th, 2010

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