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The Jesuits penetrated the heart of the Idea Divine with the intent of destroying its creative potency. By stealth and from within, they dislodged, then replaced the Holy, Creative Spirit of YHWH with the human intellect. Their aim is to remove the Creator God, All-Mighty Trinitarian YHWH, from the throne He entrusted to His Heir, His only begotten Son, Jesus-Christ. As part of the Holy Trinity, He freely willed to submit to the most cruel, but Redemptive sacrifice of His own Life-Blood, shed on the Cross of Golgotha. Only He could open the genetic path for the chosen humans to reach the living and eternal dimension of our Creator, the God YHWH, as descendent of the New Adam by their redemption and rebirth. For the genome Divine is contained in the Holy Blood and is accessible for the chosen as Christ by His Sacrifice Divine, paid in full with His life in our dimension of time, for the forgiveness of all sins and the rebirth of man. The Genome Divine pollinates now, as we speak, the core and kernel of the being of the chosen and generates the spiritual gestation needed for their renaissance.

This genetic process had to be stopped by Satan at all cost by emasculating the Eucharist as described in my essay “Original Sin II” on this web site.

Indeed, seating the impostor Anti-Christ on the Throne of Christ is the centerpiece of the satanic purpose of the Novus Ordo Seculorum.

Disfiguring the Divine HOLY NAME of the Father was not enough for them. Replacing and altering the NAME of His only begotten Son by the satanic impostor, the Anti-Christ, is the death of the Homo Sapiens. This is happening now, as we speak.

We must therefore be consciously aware of this fact while sharpening all our senses and intensifying our spiritual life through constant prayer and meditation.

Paul Trog
October 1, 2015

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