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by Paul Trog

In the high-stake poker game of international finance, the radical marxist countries have played their hands masterfully. China ends up with currency reserves of above 2 trillion Dollars and the coffers of the USA and the Western powers are either empty or much worse: They are bulging with debt claims, an indebtedness so great, that its servicing and repayment will undoubtedly enmesh future generations.

 "China, the world's third largest economy behind the USA and Japan," writes Keith Bradsher in the New York Times of Monday, March 23rd 2009, "has already become more assertive; now it is exploiting its unusual position as a country with piles of cash and a strong banking system, at a time when many countries have neither, to acquire natural resources and make new friends".

Chinese companies are encouraged to acquire foreign businesses. Merger and acquisition delegations, sponsored by the Chinese commerce ministry, are combing Europe as we speak for key industries to acquire at bargain bottom, or very favourable prices.

Undoubtedly, similar groups of financial and technical experts are surveying acquisition targets in the USA, Canada and Australia at this moment. How did the present situation evolve into this catastrophic imbalance?

Here is how:

Today, Communism has put on a 'friendlier' more 'human' face, by a theatrical display of democratism. China for instance, has moved toward an open market economy that is strongly overseen by the CPC (Communist Party of China). This approach was initiated in the post Chairman Mao era and its success is indisputable.

The innate industriousness, creativity and competence of China's population was unshackled and the West, hoping and trusting in China's 'progressive', measured approach towards ultimate democracy, invested heavily and imparted its precious technological knowledge liberally, thus making that country into the industrial powerhouse it is today. America's reflexive economic optimism blinds her to the truth about the unbending ideological resolve behind 'communism with a smile'. And so, today, the tables are turned and the Western powers are financially and industrially dependent on China and facing a very serious and dangerous situation indeed. 

The above situation could never have evolved without a masterful and concurrent KGB (Secret Service of the USSR) deception. The West was duped into believing that Stalinist Marxism had died when the Soviet Union disintegrated and collapsed. This was a cleverly instilled belief. 

The West concluded that Russia was steadily evolving, moving along the inevitable path towards full democracy. A dangerous pipe dream, as it turned out. The SPECTER of global communism never did die! 

The breakdown of the Soviet Union was a staged event, the brainchild of Yuri Andropov, Chairman of the KGB and Gorbachev, his hand-picked successor. Andropov died in 1984, but his puppeteers' hands reached far into future events because of his mastery of long term strategic thinking and planning. Out of conviction and necessity, the KGB decided to discard the ossified ideological brutality of the Leninist-Stalinist view of Marxism, imposed for decades by the survivors of deadly intrigues and purges, old ruthless men all. 

Andropov chose another, more flexible but no less brutal path towards communist world domination: A formula conceived by Antonio Gramsci (l891-1937), the founder of the Italian Communist Party who died imprisoned by Mussolini. Granmsci believed that the Marxist Revolution could succeed by peaceful means. He proposed a subtle, deceptive and manipulative approach, using infiltration by cooperation-blackmail, bribe dispensing and waging psychological warfare through the media. He believed that the Christian religion had to be secularised and culture and morals thoroughly corrupted in order to destabilize Western society and make it ripe for a peaceful power takeover by the ballot box. And so, the grip of the USSR on Eastern Europe was thrown into the fire, as was the old structure of its ruling party, along with its calcified leadership. 

This deceptive operation was spearheaded by a group of dissidents, many of whom were top KGB agents and Western organizations of the 'Godless Collective'; infiltrated religious groups of all denominations, moral and ethical movements of every stripe, (Moral ReArmament was granted repeated close and secret touch with the dissidents), all these were in the grip of clever KGB operatives. Their efforts were the priceless and indispensable smokescreen for what became in effect a 'coup d'état'. It was a total success and the subterfuge absolutely believable. The West never realized that it was the looser in this UPSIDE-DOWN revolution, as Western capital flowed into Russia and technical know-how was freely dispensed.  

The new Russian industrial giant emerged, as it healed its wounds. But it was led, discreetly at the beginning but openly in the present, by the iron-fisted KGB which fills 80% of all government positions with former or active KGB officers. Prime Minister Putin, himself a retired KGB man, is regaining the influence lost by the USSR, by attacking Georgia and by turning off the spigots of the Russian gas pipelines repeatedly. The discomfort in Europe is powerfully felt. In the Western hemisphere, the Gramsci brand of communism, covertly propelled by the KGB and Cuba, has won election after election. In nearly all the countries of South and Central America a form of Marxist socialism has been embraced. President Lula of Brazil, co-founder of the Foro de Sao Paolo, an organization that groups all the Marxist-socialist countries of the world, is its leader.  

A global dictatorship is undoubtedly developing before our eyes and the USA is the last man standing in its way. With President Obama in the White House and the financial crisis raging unabated, it is a very wobbly stand indeed!

 Paul Trog



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