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Latin American Situation

by Paul Trog

This was written on June 23rd 2008, before the freeing of the 15 hostages by Uribes' army in Colombia.

 A Colombian military incursion into Equador a few months ago, destroyed a FARC command base, killing Raul Reyes, a top leader of that guerilla movement. It also secured computer hard drives and documents (later con- firmed as absolutely genuine and unquestionably authentic by Interpol), that should constitute a harsh wake-up call for all the free democratic world. The content of these documents embarassed many Latin American leaders and unmasked Hugo Chavez's unquestionable involvement in financing and supplying this criminal terrorist organization with cash, weapons and logistics. It is clearly factual that the FARC is engaged in heavy narco- traffiking, as well as repulsive kidnappings and killings, while pretending to be a genuine popular freedom movement based on a marxist liberation ide- ology. In early June, when the Colombian military captured two Venezuelans including one man identified as a Venezuelan National Guard officer carrying 40 000 AK 47 assault rifle cartiges (as reported in the NY Times of Monday, 9th of June 2008), Chavez was forced to declare that the FARC must end its four decade long struggle to overthrow Colombia's government. "The guerilla war is history" he declared and added: "At this moment in Latin America, an armed guerilla movement is out of place." Just a month earlier, to his dis- comfiture, he had called for the rebels to be recognized as a legitimate insurgent force, although the FARC is listed as a terrorist organization both by the European Union and the USA. 

The FARC has been an important player in furthering the marxist revolutionary ideology and its plans in Latin America for decades. It contributed secretly millions of Dollars from their narcotraffiking and kidnapping income to the 2002 presidential election campaign of Ignacio Lula of Brazil, for instance. And now, quite suddenly, its criminal revolutionary thrust has been declared outmoded, useless and even harmful. This, however, clearly echoes Lulas' declaration at the Lima summit for Latin American, Caribbian and European nations, that the 'Foro de Sao Paulo', a world forum for marxist nations, "which we founded, (indeed Lula was one of its founders) is educating the Left, furthering its understanding that it is possible to gain power by disputing elections and using the democratic method."

Lula is clearly an adherent of a morphed communist ideology and strategy, called for by Antonio Granmsci, the founder of the Italian Communist party, who opposed armed revolutionary warfare, unless absolutely unavoidable. He proposed a kind of asymetrical ideological warfare, which prefers fostering corruption, the destruction of religion and morality with the help of a willing intelligence. This, in order to speed up the collapse and final take-over of the democracies in the world, should achie the 'inevitable and final victory of the communist design and purpose'. 

Unfortunately, in the recent past, Lulas' strategy has proven to be extremely successful: Recently, Ecuador, Bolivia and Nicaragua have voted in governments of the Far Left. All have become client states of Venezuela under the Chavez umbrella like the Bolivian Revolution. Recently, in April of this year, Paraguay elected a new Far Left President, a former and defrocked Bishop of the Catholic Church. 

The writer of this piece strongly recommends consulting a map of South America, to properly assess the present situation. Could Lulas visionary understanding and embrace of Gramsci's ideas also become a reality for the USA in the future? 

As we grasp the seriousness of the situation, it is no wonder that the German-Mexican Marxist thinker Heinz Dietrich, by profession a journalist/publicist, jubilated and congratulated President Lula and his defense minister Jobim for deciding to ratify the creation of the Bloco Regional do Poder Militar (BRMP) a South American military alliance, for which he, Dietrich, had called repeatedly since 2004.It will be modelled mainly according to the Cuban paradigm and will foster the interchange and training of military officers in its overarching and multinational concept. 

The BRMP will encompass most Latin American nations and in its initial plan, which was conceived in 2004, would have included Comandante Manuel Marulanas' (since deceased) FARC, in order to make good use of its revolutionary experience, tactics and methods. This idea has now been rejected, if we are to believe the latest public statements - but the aim and purpose remain as before: 

"The furtherance of the regional revolution is in process.” A Red Latin America is in the making, a continental marxist strategy is in place, which is clearly directed against every initiative or influence emanating from the Western democracies as a whole, impairing and systematically undermining the war against drugs, as drugs are considered a paramount ideological weapon in the process of undermining morals, ethics, and above all, religion. 

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