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What do Masonic Turn-Coat Priests and Pastors Feed the Faithful?

by Paul Trog

Some years ago, before going to work in Manhattan, I went to early Mass at Holy Cross Church on West 42nd Street, as I frequently did in those days. That morning, I observed the priest refusing to give the bread of the Eucharist to two ladies at the end of the service. As I had never witnessed such a firm and resolute refusal before, I asked Reverend Father why he visibly recoiled when doing so. He told me he had knowledge certain that these ladies, far from partaking of the Sacrament, saved the host for subsequent use in black magic. It is then that I began wondering about the spiritual food my inner being ingested in faith - and furthermore, I began questioning who was handling its apportion without possibly soiling it before distribution to the believers. This question, I thought then and indeed still think about now, encompasses both the consecrated host of the Eucharist, the Bread of Life for us Catholics, and the theological interpretation of Holy Writ for Protestants and Catholic Christians alike.

It is a proven fact that nefarious ideologies, Communism for instance, and National Socialism as well, infiltrated our Christian religions and caused enduring, mischievous harm to the Church. In Poland, that profoundly Catholic country, 15% of the clergy numbering 25000 priests during the cold war, were registered agents of SB, the Polish Communist Secret Police. Father Tadeusz Isakowicz Zaleski, the chaplain of Solidarnosc, who was cruelly tortured by SB agents, discovered that 39 of his fellow priests, among them two trusted friends of then Cardinal of Krakow, Archbishop Wojtyla, later Pope John Paul II, as well as four other Bishops, were actively spying for the SB. He wrote a book on that very subject called “Priests against the Secret Police” ( Znak Znak Publishing, 2007) which created a fire storm in Poland. Fr. Zaleski was instrumental in forcing the resignation of Bishop Stanislas Wielgus on January 7th 2006 with his formal apology seen on TV by the Polish nation. He had to relinquish his appointment to the post of Cardinal Archbishop of Warsaw the very day of the planned ceremonial installation. The harm these turn-coat priests did to the Polish Church as instruments in the powerful hands of an atheistic, materialist ideology, is enormous, lasting and self-evident. However, the damage they did pales when compared to the poisonous perversions of the Christian faith Masonic Priests Bishops and Cardinals are committing, that have paid with their souls to enter the service of that great artchitect of the universe,  SATAN, by faithfully maintaining the purity of the luciferan doctrine in their respective positions. Are they not poisoning the Bread of Life that we ingest in our souls and the Word we hear in our hearts?

Indeed, is it not time to thoroughly rinse out our minds, the seat of the Evil One that tempts and guides the sons and daughters of Adam since original sin, with the redemptive Blood of Christ? As we do that, we will see, hear and understand clearly once again with the mind of the soul, which is located at the epicenter of the psyche. With all appropriate speed, we will then graft our entire being to the Tree of Life, to the Person of Christ-Jesus, the only begotten Son of God, the New Adam. - And then be born into His Genome Of The Spirit.

Paul Trog
November 22nd, 2012

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