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Indeed, in Him I am. And I knew that consciously at a very young age. Remembering the desert sands of Egypt along the Mediterranean coast surrounding Alexandria, fills me with longing, still today.

The almost mystical beauty of the sea, its waves lapping on the desert shores, its beaches extending like an unending ribbon fading, then disappearing on the horizon. That is when I became aware of His presence for the first time. I was a boy of 10 in a scout uniform at the time, camping near a cluster of palms with my friends around me. I remember contemplating the vast expanse of the sea embracing the desert sands in the quiet of the early morning hours, before all the others were awake. The notion of two eternities meeting in front of me was born. But the concept of infinity and time matured much later in life – time being the arid desert sands and eternity the almost unending vastness of the sea. Much later still, the trilogy of consciousness and sleep, life and death, time and timelessness intertwined in all humans came to life. I thought then that what I saw in the unending distance dimly, was a form, a presence. A face perhaps, I could not make out. Later still, a visit to the catacombs of Kom el Shogafa came to mind. Located just outside of Alexandria, they were discovered 100 years ago, when a donkey fell through its entrance covered with mud and debris. It is a Ptolemeian underground burial complex not unlike the catacombs of Rome, where among the multiculturalism of many graves, very early Christian symbols are inscribed, among them, the fish. A symbol that has intrigued me for many years. The explanation the 12 disciples of Christ were for the most part fishermen and thus the fish was chosen as la secret symbol of the Christians, never satisfied me. For the fish, as we Christians ought to, lives in another dimension, transcending time and surviving in that dimension quite naturally. Indeed, the early Christians were on to something which was lost in the vanity of time emanating out of the episteme of human wisdom, the other side of God YHWH`s human creation: the mind of man, in which the aberration of time was conceived and in which we are bound to live.

Now the question is, which reality trumps the other in life sustaining endurance, in its capacity of survival? The eons of years (when counted in the delusion of our time) give proof positive to the sustainability of marine life in the oceans and streams when compared to ours in “time”. Indeed, our reality is so falsified, so empty of eternal logic, that it is doomed to collapse from its own weight, because of its feet of clay, its human feet that crack and crumble with the vanity of its wisdom, falling to the ground eternal, in a smithereen of pieces. And indeed, humanity will vanish in the sands of eternal nothingness, if not reborn in a dimension that lives within it still!

Humans are replacing their need, their longing for that eternal reality and the episteme out of which it was created,, with a virtual reality of their own fabrication, a fatal lie conceived in Jesuit dreams. Indeed, the world cannot be rebuilt, it must be conceived anew by the Eternal Genome of the Trinitarian God YHWH, of our Savior Jesus Christ, the only Son of God conceived by Him, the Godhead. This is what is separating all believing Christian from the notion of reality and truth of all other religions since the Renaissance and our modern, scientific times.

Paul Trog
this 29th of March 2016

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