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by Paul Trog

Embedded in the core of human nature is an explosive mixture of good and evil that generates the ebb and flow of history. The eternal struggle between these two inborn and ingrained forces, produces a dynamic that constantly alters the balance of events. I believe we are a coagulation of the eternal, a fruit of a conflict that we never initiated but of which it is our fate to be an integral part. This is the human condition - we are the raw material of a reality that propels each one of us toward a destiny we must seek and choose, both individually and as part of human kind.

For a limited time, our body encapsulates our spirit and soul. A measure of life and breath is given to each human being. Our intelligence and our heart form a guidance system that we are free to use both logically and intuitively either for selfish purposes, or as a homing device to seek the eternal dimension that unceasingly calls us. We can listen to the noise of the world or meditate to seek Christ in the inner self.

Indeed, we are free to choose a temporal or an eternal destiny. The former enjoins enjoyment of the moment in the here and now, for tomorrow we die. The latter tells us to seek within, to journey inside to the inception of our being, where good and evil meet. To that fulcrum, the clash and flashpoint, straight into the eye of the storm. The trek towards that inner destination can only be attempted alone, as naked as at birth. We must come defenseless to that point of greatest need, facing the powers that shape us in the lava flow of history. It is there that we meet God. It is there that He tells us the reason for His gift of life. It is there that He forgives and gives us our name, our destiny and provides renewed strength to our inner being. Only there can we link up our undivided heart to the eternal feeding system of THE TREE OF LIFE and grow into a purpose eternal, the eclosion and rebirth of our being. Then growth is organic. For we have become a new creature endowed with a new logic, a new wisdom and purpose.

The attempts to produce the genetic Arian Superman and the collective communist man, by use of reason alone, have failed. Indeed, what the esoteric ideologies endeavor to accomplish could destroy that which is only achievable from within, by choice and by the grace of God.

The new type of man, a new creature, emerges. Though imperfect and hidden at first, but constantly growing in stature, strength and creativity. That man impacts history because he lives where it is generated.

Paul Trog
Three Kings
January 6h, 2011

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