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by Paul Trog

It is a fact that MONEY and the transgressions against God's purest wisdom, the Holy Spirit, (these are sins that will never be forgiven according to scripture) are firmly linked.
The fullness of the intent encompassing Jesus's BETRAYAL for instance, with payment of silver pieces, or the fundamental, historic BETRAYAL for profit, threatening the demise of the noblest eclosion of the human spirit that Christianity has produced, a democratic system of governance based on morality and trust in God, which has survived with all its imperfections for over 200 years, are transgressions of greed, rooted in the JUDAS FACTOR.

Jesus's BETRAYAL nevertheless, led to mankind's redemption. God's intent, culminating in the death and resurection of Christ, is fully proclaimed every Easter as follows: "Oh happy fault! Oh necessary sin of Adam, that gained for us so great a Redeemer!"

But the BETRAYAL of democracy, in the fullness of its intent, will lead mankind into the enslavement of a global dictatorship, out of which there will be no escape. To this end, all the necessary electronic, computer and satellite equipment is in place globally, for day and night surveillance; and thought policing devices of inimaginable versatility and efficency are being perfected every day. The primary aim of the dictatorship of globalism will be to extirpate the faintest remnant of the breath of God out of the being of every individual and out of mankind as a whole.

The dawn of a godless dictatorial society, a utopia so horrible that it cannot be fully imagined or described, is nearing.

The Greeks attempted democratic experiments in some of their City-States. They ended in failior, as Plato predicted. But their conceptual democratic ideas were tried before the advent of Christianity's liberating eclosion, which had an inherent power to DELIVER individuals, peoples and nations from oppression and dictatorship. And in the 18th century, Constitutional Democracy was finally established in North America, based on Christian morality and trust in God. The concept took root and spread around the world.

'DELIVER' is an interesting word. In Webster's New World Dictionary, its meaning is "to set free" or "to assist in the delivery (of a baby)."
Hence birth or rebirth, renaissance in French, is a fruit of the advent of Christianity. 'Renaisswance' in man (of mankind), a Christian phenomenon, changed the course of history and made the idea of democracy work.

The ideological concept of normative democracy is defined in exerpts from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy as follows;
"Normative democratic theory deals with the moral foundations of democracy and democratic institutions"... "It aims to provide an account of when and why democracy is morally desirable as well as moral principles, for guiding the design of democratic institutions."
Hence, the basic intent in structuring democratic institutions which serve a free nation, is moral, a morality clearly based on the Christian faith of the Founding Fathers.

This explains the reason for the all-out godless attack of the JUDAS FACTOR on Democracy in North America:

For money, both the Republican and Democratic parties sold out American democracy's essential commitment to its ENTITY, and, abandoning 'IN GOD WE TRUST', LEGISLATED the framework necessary for the colossal financial and technical outpouring that nurtured the extraordinary emergence of communist China's national economy. For profit, our legislators gave away, jointly with our banks, the Federal Reserve, our multinational corporations and the majority of our important industries, the AMERICAN PLANT and the financial substance of America; with that substance, sadly, the essence of our power was handed over to a godless dictatorship, committed to the Gramsci brand of Marxist - Communism.

Today, China surpasses Germany in industrial output and export - and Japan in economic and industrial size. It is now the second largest economy in the world and is growing, mostly in double digits, every year.

Commenting on another matter but in words nevertheless pertinent to the issue at hand, President Lula of Brazil said on October 22nd of last year (as reported by the Folha de S,Paulo) "If Jesus Christ would come here and Judas would stand for election, representing any political party whatsoever, Jesus would have to call on Judas in order to form a coalition with him." The power of our major creditor and supplier of goods will overwhelm us and force us to coalesce and submit in the near future, as the European satellite states had to do after World War II.

Communist China is a nation that has enslaved and killed millions of human beings during the decades of its existence. And it does so still. Furthermore, it has a significant following in today's Russia that, like the extraordinary transmigration of the Kalmuck horde accross the face of Asia in l77l, which, in a sudden self-transferrance from the Russia allegiance to the China of Emperor Kien Long, strengthened the power of China decisively.

The present threat to the American Republic is vastly more dangerous and significant than other polital miscalculation by Nixon, Kissinger, the Rockefellers, Carter, Clinton, Bush Sr., Bush Jr. or Obama. It is treasonous. A treason of historic proportions; a sin against God and the American genius of immeasurable magnitude amd consequence.

Lenin once described democdracy's inevitable demise as an act of greed, and said: "The capitalists will sell us the rope with which we are going to hang them." Indeed. "In God we trust" is still printed on our currency, which is worth less and less as the days go by.

To assess the U.S. Republic’s position facing China’s surreptious Gramsci brand of International Communism, acting as it obviously does, solely in ‚Greater China’s’ national interest, a conference should be convened to rethink the Republic’s constitutional foundation and reflect on how best to recenter on its original INTENT AND IDEOLOGICAL STRENGTH, which has buttressed so successfully the national entity of America against the perils of innumerable crisies and conflicts of the past.

The Tea Party movement still has a little time to understand, address and solve the present, seemingly intractable situation, with the help of the Allmighty.

Paul Trog
this 24th of January, 2010

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