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Last month, Professor Jonathan Turley of George Washington University, a nationally recognized legal scholar, repeatedly spoke out about an “Imperial Presidency” emerging in the USA. He coined the expression “Obama’s Ueberpresidency” , in a factual assessments of the present situation. He gave free vent to his concerns about the repeated instances of executive overreach that threaten the constitutionally mandated balance of power. He did so repeatedly in many media interviews and on television. “What is emerging is an imperial presidency, an ueber-presidency as I have called it, where the president can act unilaterally”. America’s system of government has been stable because there are limited and shared powers, Turley said. But if one Branch emerges dominant, the system will begin to shut down. “Barack Obama is really the president Richard Nixon always wanted to be” Turley said. He has been allowed to act unilaterally in a way that we fought against for so many decades”. Unfortunately, he said, America’s system is changing. “And it is changing without a debate or even a discussion”.

Five weeks of careful observation after returning to the USA recently, Plato’s disputations with Socrates in his “Republic” come to mind. Plato postulated over 2000 years ago, that the inherently selfish human nature (Conditio Humana) is fiercely opposed to democratic principles. Therefore humanity must keep falling into a recurring dictatorial trap. How is this happening to our system of governance today?

As a clever constitutional lawyer, our President has found a fail-safe way to circumvent the Constitution by fusing three factors:

  1. Ruling by fiat by using the power of the pen (Presidential Directives, Executive Orders) and the power of his telephone ( his hold on the propaganda machine of his subservient media and his almost perfect nationwide community organization which is masterfully manipulating the indolent or unthinking majority of the population).
  2. Modeling his system of governance according to the Chicago political machine of the Daley’s, the most corrupt, brutal and gang infested system in the country which has outlasted all and every previous Chicago city and Cook County administrations.
  3. Making full use of the office of the Attorney General (his friend Eric Holder) to run interference in the Justice Department whenever problems with Congress, or any part of the legislative body emerge. The Justice department is clearly the inflection point of the American constitutional system.

Obama clearly outthought our system of Democratic Republicanism before engaging in its destruction.

I say with Plato that our nation is ALREADY A DICTATORSHIP. Professor Turley tells us the same in more scholarly and measured words. What this means both nationally and internationally, as the foremost democracy on the planet slides into a dictatorship, should be of urgent concern for everyone.

Paul Trog
July 4th, 2014
Independence Day

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