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Of Petri Dishes and Walpurgis

by Paul Trog

As if out of a Petri dish, a ferment evolved in the City States of Italy some 500 years ago, spreading from there to the farthest reaches of Europe. Its dynamic generated many strains of revolutionary thought and these, in turn, triggered a host of events both extraordinary and lethal. The "Sacco di Roma" or the 'Sacking of Rome' was one of them. At that time (XVIth century), the City States of Northern Italy were paying tribute to the Holy Roman Emperor and NOT to the Pope in Rome. This conflict of interest unleashed a war which fractured Christianity and caused an event of incredible debauchery to happen in the Holy City; it was a veritable 'Walpurgis night' orgy, lasting fully 10 months. It happened on May 6th, 1527:

In attempting to defend Pope Clement VII, a member of the Medici banking family of Florence, the Swiss Papal Guard and other allied forces were thoroughly decimated as thousands of leaderless mercenaries, the 'Landsknechte' of Habsburg Emperor Charles V, breached the walls surrounding the Vatican and streamed over the Tiber bridges into the heart of Rome. Setting the stage for this singular and 'epochal drama', as Prof. Volker Reinhardt of the University of Fribourg described the event, were the fiery speeches of Martin Luther. These shook the moral and theological framework embodied in the Roman Catholic faith...(within the Holy Trinity, there never was a conflict, there is none now, nor will there ever be one. Hegel's axiom "Thesis/Antithesis = Synthesis" therefore is wrong. This axiom is the root cause for major ideological conflicts and Utopias). And as the prevailing ambivalence increased, a rebellious animosity towards perceived excesses of the Catholic Church evolved.

Propelled by naked greed, coupled with a lust for booty and gold, the 'Landsknechte', a thoroughly undisciplined and criminal rabble, proceeded on a rampage lasting nearly a year. It was described as a veritable paroxysm of evil, nothing less than a witches Sabbath. Killings, lootings, a systematic violation of nuns, and the desacration of the numerous churches of Rome, donkeys were fed the Holy Host (Body of Christ), a cardinal was carried alive on a stretcher to his burial, and had to read his funeral oration himself, - and worse, the abomination of opening and robbing the graves of Saints and Martyres! Even the tomb of the Apostle Peter was not spared.

These events were never properly explained and analysed, nor were they sufficiently made public. Luther was silent, neither writing nor saying anything about them. However, every one of the sixteenth century rulers of Europe, regardless of the faith they chose to embrace, were deeply shamed by this horrible event. The historian Reinhardt described the 'Sacco' as a political catastrophe, followed by many others. "Those who gaze at the flow of history, look into an abyss" he concluded.

Out of an abyss and while the Christian faith was conflicted and splitting, the "Renaissance Man" emerged. He fathered Godless humanism and any number of other malevolent Utopias.

In the latter part of the nineteenth century, a malignant strain of thought was concocted in a Swiss Petri dish. It was conceived, nurtured and launched by the philosopher Prof. Dr. Friedrich Nietzsche, who taught at the University of Basle for 10 years (l869/1878). His racial theory was based on the concept of genetic superiority. He invented out of hand and gave life to the term 'Superman'. His 'Master Race' was to reject Judeo Christian morality emphatically and embrace the 'Herrenmoral' (morality of the Master Race), coupled to the dynamic of the 'Wille zur Macht' (the will to achieve power). These ideas were adopted by Hitler after the First World War and subsequently fully integrated into the ideology of National Socialism. Armed with this formidable ideological vehicle Hitler enthralled the German people and visited incredible death and destruction on the world. It all started a few years before he unleashed World War II with purposeful and lethal duplicity. And then, a catastrophic maelstrom overwhelmed Europe.

Racial pride, the right to kill and exterminate at will for the purpose of absolute domination and to achieve racial purity, these were fundamental tenets of the Arian moral code. They provided National Socialism with psychological cover and justification for all the monstrous atrocities it committed in the concentration camps and the Holocaust

Indeed, Nietzsche's 'Herrenmoral' bore the fruits of hell!

Minutes before committing suicide, Hitler, in a final outbreak of homosexual pseudo-machismo, had the audacity to berate the German people as "unworthy" of him!

Hopefully, 'Superman died with him that day.

And a peaceful Swiss democracy was yet again the Petri dish in which Lenin chose to nurture a virulent strain of class hatred, grown from the bacterium of Marxist thought. He lived in Switzerland on and off for 6 1/2 years and honed his powerfully malevolent ideology in many Swiss public libraries into a revolutionary juggernaut that transformed history. By rejecting each and every Judeo Christian tenet, the Communist Revolution has caused millions of deaths and created untold havoc all over the globe during the 20th century. Lenin believed that class warfare coupled with equal wealth distribution and the dictatorship of the proletariat would usher in world peace and prosperity. Upon achieving this, he expected the 'New Communist Man' to emerge automatically. He would be a resolute and dedicated proletarian, a committed servant of the all-powerful Worker's Paradise. Thankfully, this servile creature has not yet evolved!

Today, a morphed communist ideology is working with stealth, intimidation, systematic lies and with a dynamic commitment to gain power by the use of corruption and blackmail. This brand of Communism was conceived by Antonio Gramsci, the founder of the Communist Party of Italy. He shunned wars and bloody revolutions, deeming them unnecessary. Both Gramsci and Lukacs, another brilliant Marxist theoretician, identified Western civilization and its core, Christianity, as being the reason why the Soviet "revolution" did not spread. Thus they founded the Frankfurt School as a Comintern operation against Western institutions, which was also a major arm for facilitating the corruption of Christianity and its Churches. And the Granmsci brand is gaining ground everywhere by quietly studying the psychological makeup of its capitalist foe. For years, MIAs (Missing in Action - those countless unreported, unregistered POW's of the Korean war, Viet Nam etc. etc.) were used as guinea-pigs for the sole purpose of developing ever more lethal and addictive psychomorphic drugs for distribution in the USA and the world. The purpose is to undermine morals, family values, religion, the work ethic, and all the basic motives determining the actions of free men and women.

To accelerate the rotting process that decomposes the pillars of Christian democracy, Gramsci rightfully surmised, is to achieve ultimate victory at the ballot box and power without bloodshed.

Indeed, this is happening today, as we speak.

Yet another ideology spread its wings across the world from Switzerland. It was the brainchild of an American, Frank Buchman: Moral Re-Armament. The dynamic of this movement was rooted in a correct and profound realization that moral and ethical standards of behaviour are indeed of vital importance for the proper functioning of a free and democratic society. These tenets are equally indispensable for securing mankind's survival on planet earth. Therefore, every adherent was expected to make a courageous commitment to live in accordance with the ethical absolutes of honesty, purity, unselfishness and love. If and when possible, restitution was to be made for past transgressions and sincere apologies offered for prior untoward behaviour. This new way of life was to be attempted every day afresh and striven for with Divine help - the guidance of God sustaining and propelling the human will ever forward, generating virile and creative deeds. Support teams of dedicated men and women were a prerequisite for a dynamic to unfold that had the power to transform both personal and family life. This in turn produced a guilt-free freshness of thought, a firmness in decision making and creative boldness in strategic planning. All this determined their conduct of business and enhanced their productivity at the working place. Their deeds permeated into the broader economy and determined, in many recorded instances, the policies of nations.

Initially, this idea was rooted in Christianity. But its roots did not reach deeply into the genetic core of its leadership and its adherents. The Blood of Christ was unable therefore to fully remold, by its grace, both their nature and their character, forgiving and healing every vestige of the past, down to every imbedded transgression and inbred sin. Consequently, the core repository of ancestral charysms remained coagulated and thus, TRANSMOGRIFICATION could not occur. And so, lacking in depth, this interesting experiment was doomed to fail. Subsequent efforts to encompass all religions and creeds, as well as those of no faith at all, in a SUPERIOR IDEOLOGY, the purpose of which was nothing less than "remaking the world: new men, new nations, a new world, - absolute moral standards and the guidance of God, a program for everyone, everywhere" as my friend Hilmar von Campe describes the broad aims, methods and outreach of the movement. An all-encompassing Deity was to lead and facilitate the change and rebirth of men and nations; it was a concept of considerable appeal. For a time, its success was indisputable. But as its initial source of power was progressively neglected, there was a marked loss of sustained purpose. And with its potency dwindling, the movement waned. Subsequently, after a change of appellation, its name evaporated along with most of its indisputable accomplishments.

President Obama's recent declaration that the USA is NOT a Christian nation, will undoubtedly lead America towards a similar fate, in the author's opinion.

Today, the challenge for our present Christian generation is basic and urgent. The Walpurgis experience of Woodstock in Bethel NY transformed our culture and mores. This event, in essence, resembles the "Sacco" in many respects; it shook and fractured both morals and the Christian belief-structures. It has shrouded the nation in a cloud of drugs and financial pipedreams, often conceived by Wall Street traders high on cocaine. A technological cocoon is surrounding and gripping everyone, granting us less and less time to think and reach out independently to God. These factors are bound to change homo sapiens in his substance and essence, endangering the basic freedom of choice. The song 'American Pie¨' by Don Mclean has lyrics worth reading carefully. It is more than a warning.

But still, by the grace of the Blood shed by Christ for all men and women, the genetic substance in the core of man can be TRANSMOGRIFIED. We can be transformed. This option is open, available to all.

Paul Trog



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