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by Paul Trog

The greatest sins are those of omission.

A father, who does not discipline his children, loses their respect. The Holy Father, head and father of all Roman Catholics in the world, should he not admonish and discipline the believers in a proper and timely fashion, endangers the church and looses authority.

There never was an "EX CATHEDRA" statement about John Rock's birth control pill, which changed the mores of human behavior in the nineteen-sixties. First marketed to couples fifty years ago, it successfully altered our perception of right and wrong. Since then, no pope ever spoke infallibly about the far-reaching impact this contraceptive device has on the accepted morality of Western civilization and the world.

It is an open question if Masonry's loyal adherents, who occupied many of the highest decision-making positions in Rome at that time, counseled inaction.

Late in coming, the encyclical letter of July 25, 1968 "Humanae Vitae" did set a marker to which the Magisterium, the teaching authority of the Catholic Church, has faithfully adhered to, to this day. But an infallible pronouncement by either John XXIII or Paul VI, read from the throne of St. Peter, would have stemmed the slide into animalism, abortion, infanticide, gender mainstreaming and the break up of the nuclear family for a good part of Christendom. It would have kept the liberal Bishops and Cardinals in line then - and now also, if done with courage today. Obviously, the Church would shrink even further, but it would be purified

There surely would be many more Europeans living in Europe and Americans living in the Americas today, if this would have been done in the nineteen-sixties.

All the Christian faiths were deeply and irretrievably impacted by the rapid GRADUALISM set in motion, once Dr. John Rock's oral contraceptive successfully separated sex from its natural reproductive functions.

Today, both sex without reproduction and reproduction without sex is possible, Thus the life-giving act, essential to constitute the nuclear family, is no longer absolutely necessary for achieving that purpose and therefore, human life itself has progressively become a cheap, throw-away commodity.

It all seemed to be so reasonable and easy in l960! But the age of reason coupled to the pill is imploding our culture and killing the ethos of our civilization.

Goethe has this to say in his 'Faust':

"He calls it reason, and uses it only to be more beastly than any beast!" ("Er nennt's Vernunft und braucht's allein, um tierischer als jedes Tier zu sein!")

The concept of life thus cheapened and threatened by reason’s development of artificial intelligence and synthetic life, it is high time to redefine all aspects of life that were experienced by early Christians:

A breakthrough to the fullness of that Christian life is achieved by a free-will transaction that leads to the transition from spiritual death to life. This happens in the core of man. It is consummated between God and the inner self, by the power of the eternal sacrifice of reconciliation. Jesus, the Son of God, forgives and embraces the essence of our nature. Man is thus made complete by an eternal, innermost union that can never be humanly dissolved. That is change. That is the breakthrough to life.

I believe that God's destiny for men (and nations as well), lies preprogrammed in their roots and their souls. When the sin in the core of the person is dissolved by the process described above, the roots of the soul spring to life and the whole personality begins to bear its God-ordained fruits – which, by the way, no one else can bear but the one specific individual (or nation).

In His limitless creative power, God can think of something, and it comes into existence. It takes form. He thinks of a blessing and it is born in men. Because He made us in His Image, I believe that we too, if endowed with the Holy Spirit, can create in faith and by thought

I think and I believe in the RENAISSANCE of mankind's nuclear family in Christ.

Paul Trog
September 5th, 2010

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