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by Paul Trog

The one who breathed life, soul and spirit into the clay He shaped in His Own Image, is the father of mankind. The usurper who tricked Adam and blasphemes God, certainly is not.

Embedded in the earth which God handed to Adam at the dawn of time, ancestral sequences link men and women to their respective generations past. These are roots, anchored in original sin, that join sequentially the lives and deeds of progenitors to a central feeding system, out of which flows a volatile and explosive mixture of good and evil. This brew sustains mankind, generating basic knowledge which is stored in the brain. For in evaluating each successive circumstance, the human mind gives advice and guidance to the process of decision-making with a steadily accruing intelligence. In so doing, the sin of Adam attempts to gradually, intelligently cloud and replace the true, God willed human genesis and its destiny, with a self-willed fate, manipulated and ordained by the Prince of this World.

Yet there is another option. Another source of life-giving sustenance is available and indeed accessible to all. Jesus the Christ described Himself as the vine and urged his followers to become branches of His Eternal Being. By choosing in faith to graft an undivided and integral heart to His circulatory system, the flow of His redemptive Blood can then gain access to every part of the being from within.

For we were told that the Blood of His only begotten Son, Jesus the Christ cleanses us from all sin. Therefore, in faith, His redemptive Substance can and does indeed flow downwards into every sequential root attached to the being, reaching and atoning for the sin of Adam in the individual believer. To initiate this process, the soul must first be given irrevocably to Christ. Then, as described above, the entire being can regenerate from within and Christ, King and Autobasileia (according to Origenes) does become our New Adam and the only true spiritual and physical origin of man once again, as the sequential roots wither and losing power, atrophy.

A final uprooting follows at a time of God’s choosing, a snatching of the individual believer out of the dimension of time and space, a cave entirely conceived by the mind which is imprisoning mankind. Some may call this uprooting, which is deadly when a person is not grafted to the Tree Of Life, RAPTURE. Anyway, we are told that this can happen any time, in an instant and that it is the final break with the gravitational powers of the Prince of this World.

Paul Trog
Sunday, November 20th, 20ll
Christ the King

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