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By Paul Trog

Today, the billionaire Soros confirmed in an interview on CNN that America has enormous crude oil and natural gas reserves, a treasure trove recently described by Governor Perry of Texas as a “bonanza of gigantic proportions”. This is an accepted fact now and an economic reality. This truth however, has been purposely hidden from us for a very long time. In 1971 we were told that the US oil and natural gas production had peaked because the US reserves were dwindling and would be exhausted very soon. This was erroneously predicted by the geologist M. King Hubbert in 1956 and for the three following decades everyone believed him to be right. Decisions that guided our economic and foreign policy were arrived at based on bogus information as we now know. The question is who is behind that deception. However, the genie is out of the bottle now. In 2009 the USA became the leading natural gas producer of the world. Neither our politicians of left or right, nor the media, informed us about this crucial development. When asked in Davos to predict the future of American industry, Soros opined that it would recover promptly due to the existing natural gas glut. Of course, this statement had political undertones because he wants Obama to win the forthcoming election. Anyway, coming from the leading practitioner of imaginative economic destruction, a method I would describe as pseudo-capitalism, clearly based on Gramsci Marxist theories, is noteworthy nonetheless.

There is another fact we must weigh and consider thoughtfully: “Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking – the shooting of water, sand and chemicals at high pressure to fracture hard rock has been done for decades” writes the New York Times in its article ‘Energy, Redrawn’ (October 20, 2011.) This technique however has been hampered by a plethora of excessive environmental restrictions and regulation. Fracking could have been adapted, as it has been now, to the technical requirements needed for tight oil formation drilling years earlier, but for obstructionist ideological reasons. An extraordinary abundance of natural gas and crude oil could have been at the disposal of the nation much sooner, thus keeping America competitive and helped to avoid crucial economic downturns. An unstoppable crash program of energy production must be initiated immediately, the future of our economy depends on it.

When achieved, US energy independence will have enormous geopolitical consequences. We must ask ourselves at that point if it truly is in our national interest to police the Straits of Hormuz and position our fleet in the dangerous waters of the Shatt al-Arab. OPEC will no longer be needed by us. Nothing will impel us to risk another Middle-East conflagration.

To meddle with the Syrian situation then, will only be for humanitarian reasons. By then, we should learn from our past mistakes. Our Iraq adventure having ended with a democratically elected Shiite government supporting Iran and the Assad regime, not the rebelling Syrian Sunni Muslim majority which is being slaughtered, can no longer be considered successful in my mind. We must surely ask ourselves also, why we keep propping up unsavory dictatorial regimes in the Arab world, at the costs billions of Dollars, in light of our proven gas and crude oil reserves still lying untouched under our feet. These funds should be put to use to build a US network of energy distribution instead of financing the architectural follies of the Sheiks with oil import payments. And then there is Venezuela. With our Dollars, we support needlessly another regime bent on destroying us by thwarting the building of the Keystone Pipeline, which would open the flow of Canadian oil to bridge any fuel shortcomings in the future. Did you know that Venezuela’s oil industry is run by Iranian technicians who provide their management skills and know-how, while building long-range missiles for the use of a dictator. Meanwhile the Russians have built arms factories for Chavez producing Kalashnikov rifles and a host of other weaponry, now in use to destabilize many South American nations.

Why are politicians of both parties not assailing the absurdity of pursuing our present foreign policies when energy self-sufficiency is within our grasp? OUR GEO-POLITICAL POSTURE IN THE POST COLD WAR ERA MUST BE RE-EXAMINED URGENTLY IN THE LIGHT OF AMERICA’S EXISTING AND PROVEN GAS AND OIL RESERVES. OUR NATIONAL INTEREST DEMANDS IT.

Internally in the USA we must recognize the fact that there is a conniving and implacable enemy WITHIN our country bent on pursuing a strategy that threatens the very existence of America aiming at our “Collapse by Economic Exhaustion” . SNUFF will be the final stage of that process: The cultural, political and economic strangulation of our Democratic Republic. Our enemy is the Godless Collective.

In addition, the US Geological Survey must be thoroughly examined by our intelligence services. In league with their Marxist allies in the environmental movements, our adversaries of left and right were united in their efforts to impede and thwart with success every energy exploration and/or drilling project on land and in the sea for years.

The disinformation about our energy reserves during the past decades is the fruit of a deep ideological penetration into our government agencies and into the very fabric of our nation.

Paul Trog
February 13th, 2012

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