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by Paul Trog

A new world order is emerging. This moment in history is as important as the Renaissance. A global financial vehicle has been conceived and put in place. This is the beginning of world spanning domination: its cornerstone has been laid. To wreck the power of nations, capitalist tools were used to destroy capitalism. The wrecking ball is being applied to obliterate industries and national economies. Hedge funds and many other financial instruments, with their combined financial power, have driven and drive commodity prices up and down (oil for instance), generating incredible wealth transfers. These in turn are again invested in commodity futures until the system cracks and the bubble bursts. Simultaneously coupled to a housing disaster, created by excessive social engineering, outright swindle and unadulterated human greed, national economies on every continent are in shambles. The relocation of entire industries outside of national borders and into a worldwide network construct has successfully emasculated the power of nations as they are woven into a global entity. It is increasingly difficult to extricate our sovereign nations from this web.

Open borders, immigration and the amorphous power of drugs have tipped the balance, restructuring the value system essential to the survival and preservation of democratic ideals and individual liberties. The tools of global surveillance are at hand, using the web and the computer as a personal and worldwide tracking as well as information gathering device. For a freedom loving person, it will be almost impossible to break loose from this all encompassing grip.

In essence, this is a deadly attack on the Bread of Life, the means by which free men and women can choose to seek and find the realm of Christ, shedding the dimension of the EGO. But the gates of hell will not prevail.

We Christians are to live like travelers in countries that become more foreign every day.

Paul J. Trog, Innsbruck, 19/11/08


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