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by Paul Trog

The Soros essay below is lucid, insightful and mostly factual. It was written by a man who uses his excellent financial and market knowledge to bring about globalization, a goal which he has ardently and single-mindedly pursued for years. He knew perfectly well all about the existence of a 'super bubble', generated by decades of excessive credit and leverage Credit demand, catered to and granted by the financial institutions of the world to an unthinking and greedy public, as well as to the business community.

When he and others perceived that the housing bubble could not function power- fully enough as single detonator of the 'super bubble', he and his ilk used their hedge- funds to produce the desired financial explosion (or melt-down). They invested heavily in commodity futures and in turn sold them, thus creating untenable price swings and incredible wealth transfers. This produced what they hoped for and smashed the US financial system at first, and then thoroughly damaged the world economy.

Soros clearly put to use a strategy devised by a pair of radical socialist professors of Columbia University, Richard Andrew Cloward and Frances Fox Piven, in his realm of expertise: finance. The strategy is summarized by David Horowitz as follows: "THE STRATEGY OF FORCING POLITICAL CHANGE THROUGH ORCHESTRATED CRISIS". 'The 'Cloward Piven strategy' seeks to hasten the fall of capitalism by overloading the government burocracy with a flood of impossible demands, thus pushing society into crisis and economic collapse".

(Recommended reading: an article in the 'American Thinker', at November 22,2008 – 05:28:22 AM EST )

 It is an irony of history (or is it fate?) that the concept of Globalism in Masonry, in the Marxist ideology and in the views held by Cecil Rhodes have met and joined at this point in time, in history. Utterly different at the source and in their belief structure, they now converge powerfully, in varied ways, with a single purpose: to use the prevalent world crisis to seize power; and ultimately, to impose a new world order on mankind.

The content (an ideological mixture most probably) of their final concept is unknown; but it surely will be dictatorial in nature, of unbending centrality of power and purpose. Restructuring and remaking man to fit into the realm of the EGO Renaissance - and for that purpose annihilating the self in the soul, the one originally breathed by God into the clay, will be their absolute priority. Thought process surveillance, chemicals, halucinogens (Soros is for decriminalizing drugs) and brainwashing will be used; detailed plans exist already, today, to achieve this purpose.

The crucial question: Is it still possible to turn this thing around?

In Te domine speravi! Non confundar in eternam!

Paul Trog Innsbruck 11/21/08


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