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By Paul Trog

A passage from ‘Lettre du Voyant” (The Seer’s Letter), written by the famous French poet, Arthur Rimbaud, is particularly significant now when read with careful attentiveness:

"Car JE est un autre.
Si le cuivre s’éveille clarion, il n’y a rien de sa faute.
Cela m’est evident.
J’assiste à l’éclosion de ma pensée, je la regarde, je l’écoute.
Je lance un coup d’archet.
La symphonie fait son remuement dans les profondeurs.
ou vient d’un bond sur la scène."
"Because my EGO is that of another.
If copper wakes up one day as a bugle, it is none of his doing.
That is clear to me.
I witness the eclosion – the birth – of my thought, I look at it, I listen to it.
I stroke with my bow forcefully.
The symphony generates a quake in the deep
or jumps all at once onto the stage."

The intuitive cognition the quoted passage contains what can be best understood when read with all the meditative thinking one can muster. The seer's vision is a product of his eclosion, or metamorphosis (car Je est un autre) that Rimbaud describes with a seers' clarity. They are of vital importance today, because of the difficulty in discerning and ascertaining who is who in this stealth riddled world of falsehood, pretense and treason, where conflicts are generated and events manipulated from all sides. Today, Cardinals are Masons while capitalists and financiers are globalists, bent on establishing the dictatorial form of the Gramsci brand of Communism practiced in China.

For a tiny glimpse of truth, there are those who try to reach this level of a seer’s cognition by using drugs. Those who do, risk inflicting psychological harm to themselves as they crash down into our synthetic reality and emerge badly damaged indeed.

Those who seek to achieve the evolutionary metamorphosis of man by reason alone, while negating the existence of an ingrained longing for a destiny eternal, rooted in a presence breathed by God into the human soul at the dawn of time, are engaging in a futile and nonsensical exercise. Unfortunately, such an attempt is in progress today. It is a brutal exercise of ego manipulation, bound to smother and ultimately kill the human spirit. It will transform homo-sapiens into a defenseless, blindly obedient robotic machine.

The proper method of reaching this metamorphosis was perfected and mastered by the disciples of Christ throughout the ages. Indeed, the power of a vastly superior spiritual being is needed to propel humanity into its final stage of progression. This, either by use of esoteric ego evolution, or by eclosion, the ultimate rebirth of man into the Christ-like being he is destined to be. In both cases, the process entails choice.

Since the eighteenth century, it has also been practiced by those who took an oath to dedicate their lives to "The Great Architect of the Universe". Oswald Wirth, the well-known and highly respected 33rd degree Mason, an excellent writer and thinker, presents the Masonic choice open to man with splendid clarity in his book ‘L’Idéal Iniciatique’ (page ll) :

"It would be nothing more than a snare and a delusion if you could ask to be initiated (into Masonry) free of all obligations, without paying with your very soul for your entry into brotherly communion with the builders of this great humanitarian edifice, whose design has been traced by the Great Architect of the Universe…"

This commitment does entail unceasing work, with a dedication to grow in wisdom and knowledge, while seeking to place the “All seeing Eye” into the center of his ‘initiated’ soul, the very eye depicted on the American Dollar bill, located above an as yet (thankfully) unfinished pyramid. The “Seer” in this case would be able to glance at the world and himself through the “All Seeing Eye” of the Great Architect. This intelligence will guide his actions, as he proceeds with his brothers, to complete the pyramid.

And who might this "Great Architect of the Universe" be?

Another famous and respected 33rd degree Mason disclosed the identity of this princely spirit in a sensational book, written in 1937. The author, Albert Lantoine, wrote in his 'Lettre au Souverain Pontife' (p 169) the following passage addressed directly to the Pope, suggesting a truce between the Church and Masonry;

"...So much the better, I say. Possessing critical and inquisitive minds, we are the servants of Satan. You, the guardian of truth, are the servants of God. These two complement one another. Each needs the other."

Was the proposed truce at the core of the ‘Agiornamento’ of John XXIII and Vatican II? If so, this would explain the rapid disintegration of today’s Catholic Church.

For Christianity as a whole, the urgent question is: Have we Christians given our very soul, formally and forever, to the living Christ?

Have we attached and committed forever our undivided hearts to the VINE, which is the circulatory system of the redemptive Blood of Christ, shed on the Cross for all mankind and for every man and woman individually?

Has that precious Blood penetrated and filled every vein, every artery and every corner of every individual Christian?

Has this priceless Blood drenched the field of the life of every individual believer?
Was the precious Pearle of the Holy Spirit planted in that field, rendered fruitful and arable by the Water and the Blood that flowed out of the wounds of Christ on the Cross?
Has the Pearl germinated, taken root and grown until the ECLOSION, the rebirth of a new being within has happened? (Car JE est un autre)
This metamorphosis is indispensable for the Christian SEER so desperately needed in today’s world..

We must be able to answer yes to all the questions above and then raise an army.

My answer: YES.

Paul Trog
Innsbruck, this
Dec. 2nd, 1010

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