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By Paul Trog

The soul is a transcendent lifeline linking man’s being to eternity. The psyche is embedded in the human core and is man’s wellspring of life and growth. Indeed, in Greek language etymology, psyche’s basic meaning is 'life' and 'spirit'. The soul is the spiritual part of man in relation to God and consequently, the original transcendent self created by YHWH. It is a fact that fundamentally, the original transcendent self is a living independent entity. The Soul, although genetically linked to the person of ADAM and by evolving ancestral sequences to the parasitic product of his original sin (MIND, REASON and TIME), has remained the pristine creation of God.

The soul has the capacity of growing out and far beyond the constrictions of Adam’s temporal logic and reason, when grafted consciously and by choice to the person of Christ, the NEW ADAM.

Christianity therefore is not a religion institutionalized in various forms. It consists of meetings with life itself at its origin in man’s intuitive core, then followed by faith into a future linked to the eternal dimension.

Because undiscovered or overlooked, the inherent creative energy and growth potential rooted in the charisma of living "out of the box" thought, emanating from the source of the psyche, is rarely captured. It is not put to use in our modern world.

It is with malice aforethought and patient gradualism that the MIND is systematically throttling, eroding and replacing the PSYCHE in this our civilization.

Powered and enlightened by the Renaissance, the mind is generating now, as we speak, a computer crazed, moronic, dumbly desensitized and media driven COLLECTIVE being, dead to his soul. For in our age there is little time for meditative thinking and passionate, intuitive spiritual search.

What Communism could not generate by terror and indoctrination, the Capitalist, supposedly Christian West, is achieving splendidly with the help of the Banks, the media, and reckless, Godless consumerism.

No bloody revolution is needed anymore! Stalin was wrong and Antonio Gramsci’s gradualism is conquering the world.

But there is still a little time left to seek and choose..

Paul Trog
July 31st, 2011

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