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by Paul Trog

Psyche is chrysalis - psyche is fetus.

Growing, gaining strength and maturity; it develops in peace when the life of its carrier is ordered.

In others, however, because ill treated, wounded and unrecognized, it matures in anger, hate and avenging bitterness...

Its condition is reflected by the conscious reality of day to day to day living.

Dream is psyche imaging through thoughts and feelings seen and experienced during sleep. Music is psyche imaging by way of sound, when awake and conscious.

Both are language. They are doors providing entry to (and understanding of) a being partly formed, who is an integral part of us now, but who I firmly believe, will live on, fully formed, after this life comes to an end.

Dr. Jung puts it this way: "Psyche is transition, hence necessarily to be defined under two aspects: On the one hand, the psyche gives a picture of the remnants and traces of the entire past, and on the other, but expressed in the same picture, the outline of the future, inasmuch as the psyche creates its own future". C.G. Jung, "On Psychological Understanding" - 1915, p. 391..

Psyche longs, psyche suffers and is afraid sometimes. Psyche thinks, and indeed, psyche talks. We can listen with the heart - and let it translate the messages to the conscious, logic mind for instruction, understanding, motivation and action.

Jung also tells us "that the unconscious mind is capable at times of assuming an intelligence and purposiveness which are superior to actual conscious insight" (C.G.Jung, "Psychology and Religion", New Haven, Yale University Press 1938, p. 45) and Youg proceeds, stating further on, that this fact is a "basic religious phenomenon and that the voice which speaks in our dreams is not our own but comes from a source transcending us". (Ibid., p. 46). Precious thoughts, like nuggets of gold, are sometimes dropped by the psyche directly into the conscious mind at the most unexpected moments.. To capture these is essential. They should be written down, put to use and acted upon when necessary. They are often essential milestones on the journey towards the personal destiny of each individual on the face of this earth. There are moments too, when the intelligence of the psyche and the logical intellect embrace, and, superimposed, produce fruits of the spirit - thoughts which can bring sanity to cataclysmic circumstances and events of the present. These moments can bring balance and wholeness to the lives, the actions and the discourse of men and women. They do occur when meditative thinking is practiced with discipline and dedication.

As psyche-carriers all, we are responsible for the well-being of the spirit child within. Its wounds can be healed and fecunded by the eternal sacrifice offered by a loving God to his children: Christ on the cross. The blood of His only Son, Jesus Christ, that cleanses us from all sin. Then the birth of the spirit child within can proceed safely at a time of Gods choosing.

Thus and only thus, I believe, can our destiny in this life on earth be fulfilled.

Paul Trog
September 11, 2010

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