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by Paul Trog

The city of reason is under construction.

This Utopia evolved conceptually in human minds totally severed from the Creator-God and entirely controlled by the 'Demiurge', an entity ably described in Plato's 'Timaeus'.  That being's most effective disciple was Dr. Adam Weisshaupt, the founder of the Illuminati.  By oath and intent, his followers and allies aim to thwart the inevitable unfolding of YHWH's Jerusalem of the Spirit. The destruction of the City of God by aborting its birth and eclosion is the principal objective of the Great Architect of the Universe, the Demiurge.

Indeed, humanity is only a commodity, an indispensable raw material, when savagely hewn into building blocks then used for the construction of REASON's City.    Homo-sapiens is endowed with a living soul, a mind and the faculty of independent thought.  These attributes provide him with an extraordinary growth potential and he can choose to be a being unfolding into the creation of the Realm of Christ.   By choice, he can grow exponentially through rebirth in Christ and fulfill his destiny to become a living part of YHWH's new creation, the Jerusalem of the Spirit.  

The City of Reason is a parasitic growth that has attached itself to YHWY's original creation. It is infiltrating and choking Western Civilization. Prof. Fridolin Stier, a great contemporary German thinker, writes in his celebrated book 'Vielleicht Ist Irgendwo Tag' on page 259 (translation by PT) the following:. “I am afraid that the present course of events is proceeding towards a DEMIURGIAN DEFORMATION of the human being in this world, and not towards the eschatological vision of Teilhard de Chardin - into its final Christoformity.”  It is difficult for modern man, immersed in the present and subjected to the continuous flow of events, to recognize and fully understand the steady, deliberate process of transformation he is subjected to by the servants of the Great Architect of the Universe and the worshipers of reason.   Indeed, the basic parameters of YHWH's intelligent design were severely damaged fifty years ago, when Dr. John Rock's birth control pill changed the human mores of sexual and societal behavior. Our perception of right and wrong was altered at that point. Today, both sex without reproduction and reproduction without sex is possible. Thus the life-giving act, essential to constitute the nuclear human family, is no longer absolutely necessary for achieving that vital purpose.  Consequently, human life itself became a cheap, throw-away commodity.  Abortion, euthanasia, homosexuality eugenics and gender mainstreaming transformed the very concept of manhood and womanhood. Different exotic family models were infiltrated into the civilized Western world by a sustained media propaganda barrage. Sit-coms, films and magazines are relentlessly furthering this new 'enlightened', 'modern' way of living and coupled with drugs and pornography, are destroying the very tenets of morality that keep saving human kind from extinction.  Indeed, John Rock has rocked the Rock of Ages and no reigning Pope during the past five decades, has spoken “EX CATHEDRA* about the scourge of the Pill.  The very essence of man is being molded and hewn into the image of the Demiurge.

Consider also how Google's former CEO Eric Schmidt describes the power of synthetic thought as a transformational tool: 

“We know roughly who you are, roughly what you care about, roughly who your friends are. Google knows to within a foot of where you are. We know with your permission where you have been. We know more or less what you think about.” And in a recent interview Schmidt gave to 'The Telegraph' (Febr. 5th, 2011), he said the following: “In 50 years it is reasonable to assume in technology, that all of these distinctions between computers and clouds (remote data storage) will have gone away. There will be a ubiquitous computational capability that is just so free and so amazing that people will assume that it is an assistant. It knows who you are, it knows what you do, it makes suggestions, it intuits things for you.”

We must ask ourselves if privacy and independent thought will disappear and if thinking itself will be allowed without surveillance in the future.

Is it not time to seek Him urgently, after choosing Christoformity? This quest must be pursued within, by the use of Christ-led meditative, intuitive thinking. Why not ask for His fulfillment in faith, instead of listening to a ubiquitous computational assistant that will rule your life? There is still a little time left.

Paul Trog
April 19th, 2011

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