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Christian Exceptionalism - Humanity Re-begotten, not remade

Christian Exceptionalism encapsulates the Fatherhood of God with the sonship of man. It is at the origin of the genome of the Spirit. The Redemption of Christ is generating the seeds of rebirth in men that propel them into the Realm of God, by paying for Adam’s original sin to the full. That Redemption does not open the gates to a human utopia, but is the entrance to the heavenly Jerusalem of the Spirit for those who believe.

A world begotten by God is unfolding around us. It exists. It is growing in men and women re-begotten in Christ. That world is unlike the one of Genesis which God made with His Hands. And the eyes of Adam and Eve in us are blind to it. But it comes and dawns in those who hunger and thirst for Him, those who search assiduously, with a single mind and an undivided, integral heart, notwithstanding their sins.

On a day of His choosing, He breathes a blessing, a promise, a name, His WORD into the ones He loves. And into that envelope, that capsule if you will, He lays the purified essence of His chosen one, the Christ. Then cleansed by His eternal sacrifice, unblemished as Mary was, this capsule and its content progressively become the new identity of those chosen by God and protected by His promise. Then a new thinking and feeling emerges. A natural, unmanufactured effectiveness follows as activism wanes and dies.

As the loved ones of Christ are linked to that multidimensional and Eternal living Thought of God by daily meditation, His Holy Spirit opens endless possibilities to be pursued in faith. Reborn men and women in a world re-begotten. It is not a dream! This stubborn, coagulated and monodimensional old Masonic construct we live in cannot, dare not stop it.

Paul Trog
August 27th, 2012

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